Change Rooms Immediately When Staying in These Top 3 Hotels While Traveling

If you're assigned to these rooms, you should request a room change immediately.


Nowadays, tourism is becoming more and more popular due to people’s increasing need for relaxation, rest, and exploration. When checking in at a hotel, if you are assigned to these rooms, you should change rooms immediately.

Travel has become a essential need for many people

Firstly, the first type is the room near the elevator entrance. Everyone knows that most hotels are equipped with elevators. The presence of elevators also brings great convenience to customers. Especially for middle-aged and elderly people with weak legs, when choosing a hotel, they are willing to choose a hotel with an elevator.

Although elevators provide great convenience to our lives, if you live in a room near the elevator entrance, it will definitely make you feel very uncomfortable. Because whether it is hotel staff or people coming to stay, they will pass through your room when they come and go, especially for light sleepers, it is a big hassle.

The second type is the room at the end of the corridor. Although this room is quieter, it is too far from the exit. There is no problem, but it is still inconvenient. On the other hand, the reason why you should not stay in such a hotel is that it is not safe, and if the room is too far back, very few people move around, even if something happens, it is very difficult to rescue.

The most important point is that most customers will not choose, and the last room in the corridor has been taken, so the cleaning staff will not clean it seriously. For such rooms, most of them will clean them as they please, and if you stay in this room, it will bring some potential health risks.

Another thing you need to pay special attention to is that most of these rooms do not come into contact with sunlight, and the environment will be quite dark, so the room will also be very humid. If you stay in such a room in a hotel in the South, you may encounter terrifying cockroaches.

Choose the optimal hotel room

The last one is the room around the corner. Are you curious to hear this? Why can’t you stay in a room around the corner? The reason why I say this is because the rooms around the corner usually have unusual sizes, and the size of these rooms is usually quite compact. Once you are in this room, it can cause imbalance for travelers. After all, we spend money just like others, but the rooms we live in are completely different.

In this way, it will not only affect the quality of your sleep but also make your mood worse. The most important point is that it can affect your enthusiasm and interest when traveling. At this time, you may say, why do hotels design such corner rooms for customers to use? The reason for this is also to maximize the benefits of the hotel.

In addition, to make everyone’s trip more interesting, I advise you to bring disposable toilet seats, disposable slippers, and electric hot water cups when traveling. After all, these things are not hygienic, especially electric water boilers in hotels. Remember not to use it because you never know what the final customer will cook in that kettle.

For young couples, quickly turn on the light when you enter the hotel, but use your mobile phone camera to record the corners of the room. If you find a small red spot on the phone screen, you must notify the front desk staff, then request an immediate room change or call the police directly.

On the other hand, any intimate actions between you and your lover can become a hot topic on live streaming platforms. If no abnormalities are found, you can rest assured.

Although the presence of many hotels has provided convenience for us, it also brings troubles to many people, especially when intimate videos with your loved ones fall into the hands of some criminals, it will also bring you great psychological troubles.

Frequently asked questions

There are three types of hotel rooms that are best avoided:
1. Rooms near the elevator: These rooms can be noisy and busy as people constantly pass by. This can disturb your peace, especially if you’re a light sleeper.
2. Rooms at the end of the corridor: These rooms are usually quieter but are located far from the exit, which can be inconvenient and potentially unsafe in case of an emergency. Additionally, rooms at the very end of corridors may be less frequently cleaned and maintained, posing potential health risks.
3. Rooms around the corner: Corner rooms often have unusual layouts and can be more compact, which may cause discomfort and affect your travel experience. They may also be less desirable to other guests, impacting your enthusiasm for your accommodations.

In addition to choosing a suitable room, there are a few precautions you can take to ensure a safe and comfortable hotel stay:
1. Bring disposable toilet seats, disposable slippers, and your own electric hot water cups for hygiene purposes.
2. Use your mobile phone camera to check for hidden cameras, especially in corners and discreet areas of the room.
3. Be cautious about intimate behavior as it could be recorded and streamed without your consent.

If you discover any signs of hidden cameras, such as small red dots, immediately notify the front desk staff and request a room change. You can also consider calling the police directly, as this is a serious invasion of privacy and illegal in many places.
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