Fix 5 big problems easily with this simple trick: Stick two chopsticks in a plastic bottle

After consuming mineral water and soft drinks, don't just throw them away. Keep these plastic bottles for reuse. They can help you solve various issues in your household.


During holidays or when going on a long trip, the question of how to take care of plants at home becomes a top priority. The biggest challenge that plant enthusiasts often face is watering their plants incorrectly, which is the main reason why 80% of indoor plants die.

To avoid this, there is a simple trick that not everyone knows: inserting chopsticks into a plastic bottle and placing it in the plant pot. It is incredibly easy, straightforward, and easy to learn.

Method 1:

To make this automatic irrigation device, you first need an empty plastic bottle and a pair of used chopsticks. Next, you can drill a small hole in the bottle cap, ensuring that the diameter of the hole is not too large. Then prepare a string, thread it through the hole, and tie a small knot.

After that, secure the chopsticks on both sides of the bottle with tape. Fill the plastic bottle with clean water, screw the cap tightly, and finally insert the chopstick part into the soil in the pot to make the plastic bottle stand upright.

Now you have an automatic irrigation device. The water inside the plastic bottle will slowly flow out through the small hole in the cap, ensuring that the plant is properly watered, even when you are away.

Method 2:

With this method, first drill two small holes in the bottle cap, making sure that the size of the holes is not larger than the diameter of the chopsticks so that the chopsticks can be inserted into the holes. After drilling, simply insert the two chopsticks into the small holes.

Then, pour water into the plastic bottle, screw the cap tightly, and invert the plastic bottle into the soil in the flower pot. This way, an automatic irrigation device is completed. The water from the plastic bottle will drip gradually through the gaps in the chopsticks, continuously watering the plant.

This method is practical and can easily solve the problem of watering plants.

In addition, you can also use plastic bottles for planting flowers. With this method, you use a utility knife to cut the plastic bottle in half, preferably choosing a bottle with a capacity of 1.5 liters or more to provide space for the plant to grow.

To make this “flower pot” more beautiful, you can paint the outside or draw shapes according to your preferences. Then, simply fill the pot with soil and seeds, and take care of it daily.

In addition, here are some simple tips you can apply:

Dilute beer solution can be used to wipe the leaves, creating thick and shiny leaves without yellowing. In fact, the mentioned acidic water can also be used to wipe the leaves, but in terms of effectiveness, it is not as good as beer water. Moreover, watering plants with beer also helps them grow well. However, you should not use pure beer but dilute it in a ratio of 1 beer: 50 water before watering the plants or wiping the leaves. Wiping the leaves once a week with diluted beer water will make the leaves thicker, shinier, and have a sparkling emerald green color in a few months.

Using a few pine cones at the bottom of the flower pot will promote strong and fast root development. Roots are the first thing that needs to be taken care of, especially for potted flowers. The growth state of the root system has a great impact on the entire plant. At the same time, there should be a drainage layer between the flower pot and the planting soil. This drainage layer not only has the ability to drain excess water quickly but also allows air to circulate, facilitating the easy development of the root system.

Above are some tips to help you improve your plant care. Give them a try, and they will certainly benefit your indoor plants.