From 1/10 to Lunar New Year 2024: 4 is the lucky age, abundance of money awaits

From October to Lunar New Year, there are four zodiac signs that will encounter good fortune and become rich in wealth and prosperity like no one else.


Dau Zodiac Sign


According to the 12 zodiac signs, people born under the Dau sign are very good with all their friends. They are also very supportive of their family’s career, which can promote their own career development.

From the 10th lunar month to the Lunar New Year, the career of people born under the Dau sign will be smooth sailing. With outstanding ability, no matter when or where, these individuals stand out. They also use their patience and sincerity to gain approval from others, making their career and business easier, and earning money more easily.

Beginning from the Lunar New Year, people born under the Dau sign can live an ideal life with their family, without worrying about anything. The family’s business will be particularly successful, and life will not encounter any difficulties.

Thanks to their relentless efforts and the lucky opportunities from above, these individuals can rise strongly in the near future.

Mui Zodiac Sign


People born under the Mui sign have a cheerful and lively personality, especially warm-hearted, and they achieve good results in everything they do. People of the opposite gender also easily have a good impression of you, because you are especially gentle and affectionate.

From the 10th lunar month to Tet 2023, this zodiac sign will have abundant money, bringing in new luck, meeting noble people, and entering a happier phase of life. In addition, you should pay attention to your appearance before meeting someone, as there is a high chance of meeting someone you like.

In terms of work, if you think more deeply about everything, not caring about trivial matters, you can stand out more with your own efforts, and your income will increase. In October, you will definitely achieve success in your work, and you will be promoted, with a smooth career path.

Dan Zodiac Sign


People born under the Dan sign become one of the zodiac signs that prosper from the 10th lunar month to Tet, thanks to the help of many people in many aspects. You can receive support from older people in the family, help and guidance from noble people, as well as help from friends and colleagues.

On the path of development, your destiny may encounter some unexpected changes, but overall, the situation is developing positively, especially in terms of wealth.

The transition period from autumn to winter is when you will encounter the most luck. Nourish your ambitions and make plans now so that you can be ready to seize opportunities when they come.

Than Zodiac Sign


This year is a lucky year for people born under the Than sign, especially in terms of finances from the end of 2023, specifically from the 10th lunar month onwards.

You may encounter noble people or achieve good results at work, receiving recognition from leaders, which leads to a rapid increase in salary and bonuses. In terms of investment and business, you have also learned how to manage assets tightly, not spending on unnecessary things, thereby improving your financial situation.

In addition, your love life and health show signs of stability, so you always feel mentally refreshed, full of fighting spirit, and fully capable of reaching out and seizing opportunities to prove yourself.

The information in the article is for reference only.

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