From 23/12 to 3/1: 4-year-olds cross the milestone, encountering continuous luck, everything goes smoothly

The period from 23/12 to 3/1 will be an ideal opportunity for these 4 zodiac signs to execute their old plans and come up with ideas for their goals in 2024.


Tuoi Thin

People born in the Year of the Monkey often pursue balance, elegance, and good communication skills, making them the center of attention when standing in a crowd.

From December 23 to March 1, the attraction of this zodiac sign reaches its peak and shines like a bright star in the starry sky. The Monkey is intelligent, adaptable, and behaves elegantly, so it’s not difficult for them to get to know people around them. In their career, this zodiac sign will achieve many achievements, and the luck of fame and fortune will help them gain an advantage in the workplace.

During this period, those born under the Monkey sign can actively participate in social activities and expand personal relationships. They also need to seize career opportunities and maintain a polite attitude when interacting with others.

Tuoi Ngo

Confidence, enthusiasm, and leadership ability are the outstanding characteristics of people born in the Year of the Horse. From December 23 to January 3, this zodiac sign will reach its peak in their career. Thanks to the guidance of noble figures, the leadership ability of the Horse can be better developed, and their career can be highly profitable, bringing in a large amount of money.

This is an ideal opportunity for people born in the Year of the Horse to confidently demonstrate themselves and not hesitate to become the core strength of the team. In their career, this zodiac sign needs to rely on the power of influential people to achieve greater achievements. When successful, the Horse should not overlook the support of those around them and share the satisfying results together.


People born in the Year of the Pig are famous for their warm, sensitive, and friendly nature. They always protect themselves and those around them with their gentle, refined, and affectionate care.

From December 23 to January 3, the charm of people born in the Year of the Pig will increase, especially in family and loved ones, where they can feel endless warmth. For those who work for a living, this period may be very busy but also brings abundant financial resources.

In the coming time, people born in the Year of the Pig should pay more attention to their family and close friends. They also need to learn to balance between work and personal needs to keep their minds comfortable wherever they go.


In addition to being intelligent, quick-witted, and eager to learn, those born in the Year of the Monkey are also known for their cheerful, enthusiastic, optimistic, and kind-hearted nature.

In the next period, from December 23 to December 3, thanks to the auspicious circumstances, everything the Monkey does will go smoothly. Their constant efforts in work are highly valued by their superiors, leading to quick promotions and salary increases.

In the next 10 days, people born in the Year of the Monkey can focus more on their personal interests, develop their careers, and don’t hesitate to try their hand in new fields. They should collaborate with experienced people, maintain good communication and coordination to achieve more accomplishments.

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