Guide to Booking a VinFast Electric Taxi on the Xanh SM App – Detailed and Simple

VinFast Electric Taxi is a smart electric taxi service that provides users with a green, clean, and safe travel experience. With its modern fleet of electric vehicles, professional drivers, and intelligent technology application, VinFast Electric Taxi is becoming the preferred choice for Vietnamese citizens.


In recent years, electric cars have become a new trend in transportation around the world, contributing to environmental protection and energy savings. Recognizing the potential of this market, VinFast – the leading electric car brand in Vietnam, has pioneered the launch of VinFast electric taxi services, offering Vietnamese users the opportunity to experience a smart, green, and safe transportation service.

Using an electric taxi is not just a means of transportation, but also a smart and sustainable choice in today’s technology era. With a focus on reducing emissions and protecting the environment, electric taxis meet these criteria well. In this article, FPT Shop will share a simple guide on how to book a VinFast electric taxi on the Xanh SM app.

VinFast Electric Taxi – what is Xanh SM taxi?

Xanh SM Taxi – Taxi VinFast is a taxi company that operates in two areas: providing passenger transport services using electric cars and renting electric cars. With the mission of using “green vehicles” to minimize environmental pollution, Xanh SM Taxi – Taxi VinFast is becoming an attractive choice for users today.

VinFast taxi company owns three electric car models that are highly praised and favored by customers. The VF e34, VF 5 Plus, and VF 8 models have demonstrated their utility and outstanding performance in transporting customers.

One special feature of the Xanh SM Taxi is that it provides users with a unique and excellent experience. With the use of electric cars, this taxi does not produce unpleasant odors or annoying noise, creating a quiet and comfortable traveling environment. At the same time, the use of electric cars also contributes to environmental protection and pollution reduction.

Xanh SM Taxi is also equipped with many intelligent entertainment features, creating an interesting and special experience for passengers on each trip. This taxi company also provides various flexible and convenient booking methods, combining traditional forms and taxi technology.

Advantages of Xanh SM Taxi:
– Environmentally friendly: VinFast electric cars use electric energy, do not emit harmful emissions, contribute to environmental protection, and reduce air pollution.
– Energy-saving: VinFast electric cars have superior energy-saving capabilities compared to traditional cars, helping users save travel costs.
– Safe and convenient: VinFast electric cars are equipped with modern safety features to ensure user safety throughout the journey. In addition, with smart technology applications, users can easily book cars, track journeys, and pay fares online.
– Smart experience: Xanh SM Taxi is equipped with many intelligent entertainment features, giving passengers an enjoyable experience on each journey.

With its outstanding advantages, Xanh SM Taxi is gradually becoming the top choice for Vietnamese people. This service not only provides users with a green, clean, and safe travel experience but also contributes to the development of the electric car industry in Vietnam.

How to book VinFast electric taxi on Xanh SM:

Before you can book a VinFast electric taxi on the Xanh SM app, first, download the app and register your account.

Quick guide:
– Download Xanh SM app, open the app, and click on the three-line icon in the upper left corner.
– Choose “Book a taxi.”
– Select the destination and pick-up point.
– Choose the type of car you want to use.
– Then, select the payment method (whether to pay in cash or with an e-wallet, etc.)
– Click “Book a taxi.”

Detailed guide:
Step 1: Download the Xanh SM app, open the app, and click on the “Call a taxi” icon at the bottom left corner of the app’s screen.

Step 2: On the app interface, choose the destination on the map. Below, you will see two options for electric taxis: Xanh SM Taxi and Xanh SM Luxury. Currently, the Xanh SM Taxi uses VinFast VF e34 and VF 5 Plus, both of which are characterized by their distinctive blue color. The Xanh SM Luxury uses the premium VinFast VF 8 model (Jet Black color).

Step 3: For each type of car, it can carry up to 4 passengers, and the travel time and cost will be clearly displayed. Choose the VinFast electric taxi type (Xanh SM Taxi or Xanh SM Luxury) that you want to use.

Step 4: Next, you will choose the payment method for the booked VinFast electric taxi on the Xanh SM app via your phone. Currently, Xanh SM allows payment by ATM card, e-wallet, or cash. In addition, you can also use the MoMo e-wallet or ZaloPay available on the Xanh SM app for easy and fast payment.

If there are any promotions, you will see them displayed on the interface and can choose them. In addition, you can also message the driver if you have any special requests.

After completing the settings, click on “Book a taxi” at the bottom. Have a pleasant journey with Xanh SM Taxi!

Other ways to book Xanh SM Electric Taxi:

In addition to booking a taxi through the Xanh SM app, you can also choose to hail a Xanh SM Taxi like a regular taxi on the street. If you cannot use the app to call a VinFast electric taxi or do not have a phone with you, don’t worry, you can still catch a taxi directly on the road when you see an electric car or at crowded places like shopping centers, hospitals, schools, etc.

Call Xanh SM Taxi hotline:

As a customer, you can call and book a taxi through the national hotline number 19002088 and ask the customer care staff to arrange a VinFast electric taxi to pick you up. The contact method is very simple, all you need to do is provide your full name and pick-up location, and Xanh SM Taxi will dispatch a VinFast electric car to your location within a few minutes!

Pro tip: In addition to calling this hotline number to book a taxi, you can also inquire about fare information, services, or complaints about the quality of Xanh SM Taxi. To meet the users’ booking needs, Xanh SM Taxi operates flexibly, with no time restrictions. Therefore, the Xanh SM hotline operates 24/7, including regular working days and holidays, including festive seasons.

You can fully trust and use the services of the Xanh SM hotline as the service is committed to providing continuous customer support, even on weekends and important holidays. Thanks to this professional booking service, you can enjoy every journey without worry, whether it’s on weekends, Sundays, or during exciting vacation times.

The fare for the Xanh SM hotline is 1,000 VND per minute. You should be aware of this information to be more proactive when contacting the Xanh SM hotline.

With various ways to hail a taxi, Xanh SM Taxi is always ready to serve your travel needs anytime, anywhere.

Check out Xanh SM Taxi fares:

Xanh SM Taxi fares are based on the type of car, travel time, and distance. Below is the Xanh SM Taxi fare table:

Service | Car model | Initial 1km fare | Fare for km 1 to km 25 | Fare after km 25
— | — | — | — | —
Green Car | VinFast VF 5 | 20,000 VND | 14,000 VND | 12,000 VND
Green Car | VinFast VF e34 | 20,000 VND | 15,500 VND | 12,500 VND
Luxury Car | VinFast VF 8 | 21,000 VND | 21,000 VND | 21,000 VND

Please note:
– Initial 1km fare is the amount you have to pay when starting the journey.
– Fare for km 1 to km 25 is the amount you have to pay per km traveled.
– Fare after km 25 is the amount you have to pay per km traveled.

You can easily estimate the Xanh SM Taxi fare before booking by using the app or calling the hotline.

In conclusion, the above is a guide on how to book a VinFast electric taxi – Xanh SM Taxi quickly and easily. Through the above article, hopefully, it provides additional useful knowledge for you. If you have any questions related to the article, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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