Heartwarming Legend of Love and Meaning of Edelweiss

Many individuals have become acquainted with the Bignonia flower through poetry, songs, or even the depiction of heart-wrenching separations in movies. Currently, social media platforms are bustling with discussions about the symbolism and significance of the various colors of the Bignonia flower.


It is interesting that once a tree blooms, the leaves will no longer grow, and if there are leaves, the tree will not have flowers. Therefore, the flowers and leaves of the sycamore tree will never meet.

Legend 1 of the Sycamore flower

According to the legend, the sycamore flower is the only flower that grows on the path down to the Yellow Springs. Before passing through the north Na River Bridge across the Vong Xuyen Bank, the souls will send all their memories to the sycamore flower so that they can comfortably go through reincarnation. This flower species will collect those memories, whether they are extreme pain or deep love.

Legend 2 of the Sycamore flower

“In the past, there was a couple deeply in love in the celestial realm. The man’s name was Hoa, from a martial arts family. The girl was a princess named Chau Nhi. Hoa had to lead the army to fight against the enemies, so the two had to part ways. When he returned, he learned that the king wanted to marry Princess Chau Nhi to Tian Ton for the sake of forming a friendly relationship. Hoa went to beg the God in the hope of marrying Chau Nhi, but he was rejected and imprisoned.”

When Chau Nhi heard the news, she secretly visited Hoa in prison. Hoa escaped from prison and took the princess with him to flee.

The God became furious and sent his soldiers to chase and bring them back. Being pursued, the couple had no way to escape. In order to flee, Hoa turned Chau Nhi into a pure white flower bud, while he turned into green leaves, embracing the flower. Touched by their love, the pursuing soldiers named the flower “Man Chau Sa Hoa”.

After learning about the incident, the God still did not let go of his anger, and he placed a curse that made the flower and leaves of Man Chau Sa Hoa never coexist; when the flower blooms, the leaves fall, and when the leaves grow, the flower has withered.

Thousands of years later, the love of the couple gradually overcame the curse, allowing the flower and leaves to bloom together. But when the God found out about it, he sent his soldiers to chase them again. Man Chau Sa Hoa, after restoring its power, had to flee to the underworld. Despite that, the soldiers were determined not to give up. The love story of Man Chau Sa Hoa touched the demon world, leading to a great war between the two realms of Gods and Demons.

While the two sides were fighting, the blood of the warriors spilled onto the ground. Man Chau Sa Hoa absorbed it, causing its pure white color to suddenly turn into bright red.

Finally, all the realms decided to let Man Chau Sa Hoa stay under the Nai Ha Bridge, by the Yellow Springs River to guide the souls in the mortal world, leading the way for the separated couples to return to reincarnation. Since then, it has been called the sycamore flower.

The sycamore flower represents separation, despair, and painful memories.”

Meaning of the Sycamore flower

The sycamore flower symbolizes separation, despair, and painful memories. However, in each country, the sycamore flower has a different meaning.

  • In Japan, the sycamore flower represents painful memories.
  • In North Korea, the sycamore flower symbolizes the longing of loving couples.
  • In China, the sycamore flower symbolizes purity as well as separation, suffering, and the beauty of death.

Despite its sorrowful meaning, when the sycamore flower is planted inside the house, it signifies the connection between the living and the ancestors of the family.

Furthermore, the sycamore flower is also a feng shui flower. If it is placed at the gate of the house, it brings good luck to work and life.

Meaning of different colors of the Sycamore flower

  • Red Sycamore – painful memories.
  • Yellow Sycamore – forever not meeting again.
  • White Sycamore – purity.
  • Green Sycamore – hope for future reunions.
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