How to Disable Comments While Watching TikTok Livestreams in Simple Steps

By disabling comments while streaming live on TikTok, you can fully immerse yourself in your content without getting distracted by unwanted feedback during your broadcast. Join FPT Shop in this article as we guide you through the steps to achieve a comment-free livestreaming experience.


When you’re busy live streaming on TikTok, you may have encountered unwanted comments or spam comments from fake accounts advertising in your live session. This can not only be annoying for you, but it can also affect the viewer experience. To help you solve this problem, here’s a guide from FPT Shop on how to disable comments while watching a TikTok livestream.

Introduction to the comment feature in TikTok livestream

Before we explore how to disable comments while watching a TikTok livestream, let’s first understand the comment feature in TikTok livestream.

The comment feature in TikTok livestream allows viewers to send their opinions, emotions, and feedback directly while watching a live video. This creates an interactive environment between the viewer and the broadcaster, allowing them to communicate and share their thoughts with each other. Comments can appear on the broadcaster’s screen and are also visible to all other viewers. This feature creates a more engaging and intimate experience between the broadcaster and the audience during a TikTok livestream.

Control scope of the TikTok livestream host

The comment feature is a crucial tool for livestream hosts on TikTok, allowing them to control and manage viewer interaction throughout the live session. Using this comment feature, you can:

  • Enable and disable the comment feature on your livestream.
  • Filter out inappropriate or community guideline-violating comments.
  • View and moderate comments that have been flagged by the community or moderators.
  • Send automated messages to notify viewers about comment moderation.
  • Temporarily mute comments for a specific period of time.
  • Block comments containing undesirable keywords.

For TikTok livestream viewers

  • Comments that have been filtered or blocked will not be displayed in the live session.
  • If the comment feature has been disabled by the host, you will not be able to comment.
  • You can report any comments that you believe violate community guidelines.
  • If your comment is reported and found to violate community guidelines, your account may be suspended from commenting for a period of time.

Flagged comment content

In addition, you should also be aware that certain types of comments will be flagged by the community on TikTok, including comments that are:

  • Indecent or violate community guidelines.
  • Previously blocked or muted due to inappropriate content.

Therefore, the comment feature in TikTok livestream plays a vital role in creating a safe and positive online environment for both hosts and viewers.

Instructions to disable comments in TikTok livestream

To learn how to disable comments while watching a TikTok livestream quickly, you can follow these steps:

Step 1: First, go to the TikTok app and access your livestream session. Then, you will see the three-dash icon in the top right corner of the screen. Click on it.

Step 2: Select Settings and Privacy, then select Privacy.

Step 3: Under the Comments section, you can edit the following options:

  • Enable and disable the comment feature on your livestream.
  • Filter comments to remove unwanted or community guideline-violating comments.
  • Review and report filtered comments to notify viewers about comment moderation.
  • Choose a mute time for comments or block undesirable keywords.

Note that your TikTok livestream comment disabling settings will be applied to all subsequent TikTok livestreams, giving you greater control over the interaction in your live sessions.


With the instructions above, you now know how to disable comments while watching a TikTok livestream quickly and easily. Hopefully, this information will help you host a successful livestream session without being bothered by unwanted comments.

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