How to Mass Copy in Word 2024: An Effortless Guide to Rapid Replication

Have you ever known how to copy multiple times in Word? If not, explore this article to learn about the multiple copy feature, along with a step-by-step guide, which will enhance your productivity in Microsoft Word with ease.


Microsoft Word, a popular word processing software from Microsoft Office, is a powerful tool for text editing, with many useful features that many users may not have explored yet. And in this article, FPT Shop will guide you on how to copy multiple times in Word with Clipboard in a simple and convenient way. Let’s find out.

What is the Clipboard feature?

The Clipboard feature is a basic feature in the computer operating system, allowing users to copy and paste data from one place to another on the computer. It acts as a temporary memory, storing the information you have copied, such as text, images, or files. This allows you to easily access and reuse previously copied data without having to retype or adjust it. Therefore, the Clipboard feature helps to improve work efficiency and save time when working with different information on the computer.

Advantages of the Clipboard feature

Clipboard offers convenience and flexibility when working with data on your computer. Here are some of the key advantages of Clipboard:

  • Time-saving: Clipboard helps you copy and paste data quickly, saving time compared to retyping each detail.
  • Increased productivity: By copying multiple times with Clipboard, you can easily move and organize data, increasing your work efficiency.
  • Convenient for moving data: Clipboard allows you to copy data from one location and paste it to another location easily, making it convenient to move information between applications and documents.

  • Flexibility in organizing information: You can copy and paste multiple different data items at once, helping you organize information flexibly and efficiently.
  • Temporary storage: Clipboard temporarily stores copied data items, allowing you to easily access and reuse them during your work.

In summary, the Clipboard feature brings many benefits to working with data on your computer, helping you save time, increase work efficiency, and add flexibility to your daily work.

How to copy and paste multiple times in Word easily

When working with text in Word, using the copy and paste feature multiple times can save time and increase work efficiency. Here are instructions on how to copy multiple times in Windows 10:

Enable Windows 10 Clipboard feature

To get started, press the Windows + i key combination to open Settings, then select System and continue to select Clipboard to enable this feature.

Click On to enable the feature

Guide to using the copy and paste feature multiple times

Step 1: First, you need to access the website or text from which you need to copy content. Highlight the text you want to copy and press Ctrl + C to copy.

Step 2: Continue to copy other text sections that you need. The Clipboard feature will store all copied content, eliminating the need for repetitive copy and paste operations.

Step 3: Once you have copied the necessary information, go to Word and press the Windows + V key combination. At this point, the content you copied will appear, with the first item appearing at the bottom.

Step 4: Simply click on the content you want to paste and press Paste and you’re done.

Using the method to copy multiple times in Word will help you work more efficiently and save considerable time.

Frequently asked questions

Utilizing the ‘Mass Copy’ feature in Word 2024 is an efficient way to replicate content swiftly. Simply select the content you wish to duplicate, then click on the ‘Mass Copy’ button in the ‘Clipboard’ section of the Home tab. This action will copy your selected content onto a unique clipboard, allowing for effortless replication throughout your document.

The ‘Mass Copy’ tool offers a range of advantages over traditional copy-pasting methods. It enables users to replicate content, including formatting and styles, with absolute precision. Additionally, it provides a convenient way to duplicate content across multiple pages or sections of a document, saving significant time and effort.

Yes, the ‘Mass Copy’ feature is versatile in that it allows for content replication not only within the same document but also across various Word files. Simply open the documents you wish to work with and utilize the ‘Mass Copy’ function to effortlessly duplicate content from one document to another.

The ‘Mass Copy’ feature is designed to retain all formatting and styles applied to the selected content. When you duplicate content using this function, the formatting will be preserved exactly as it appears in the original selection, ensuring a seamless replication process.

The ‘Mass Copy’ feature does not impose any restrictions on the volume of content that can be duplicated. You are free to select and replicate as much or as little content as needed, making it a highly flexible tool for content replication in Word 2024.
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