Keep your kitchen tidy and organized with these simple steps.

With just a few simple steps, your kitchen will always be tidy and organized. Discover it now!


The kitchen area is very easy to get messy after each cooking. If you don’t take immediate action to clean up, it will become even messier and dirtier. You should quickly learn these tips to make kitchen cleaning easier and keep it tidy.

1Clean up before cooking

A messy kitchen will make you lose your cooking inspiration. So clean up the dirty dishes and wipe down the kitchen area before you start cooking. This cleaning will somewhat help you cook more comfortably and the post-cooking cleaning will also be easier.

Clean up before cookingClean up before cooking

2Clean up before leaving the kitchen

You don’t want your kitchen to be messy all the time, right? So, make sure you clean up and put away all cooking utensils before leaving the kitchen. To save time, you can clean up while cooking. While waiting for the rice to cook or the soup to boil, take the opportunity to wash the knives and cutting boards after using them.

Clean up before leaving the kitchenClean up before leaving the kitchen

3Clean the sink after use

After washing all the cooking utensils, clean the sink. Pour out any leftover food in the garbage disposal, scrub the sink gently, rinse it thoroughly, and use a cloth to dry it.

Clean the sink after useClean the sink after use

4Organize kitchen utensils

Organizing kitchen utensils helps you easily find and use cooking tools, dishes, and ingredients efficiently. Use boxes or baskets to store small ingredients such as spices, bottles, jars.

Organize kitchen utensilsOrganize kitchen utensils

5Keep kitchen towels clean and dry

The kitchen is easily dirty. If you use unclean towels, kitchen cleaning becomes difficult. After cleaning, wash and dry the towels to prepare for subsequent use!

Keep kitchen towels clean and dryKeep kitchen towels clean and dry

6Organize under the sink cabinet

Organizing the under sink cabinet is an important part of kitchen organization, making the kitchen look neater. Use racks or shelves to create storage space under the cabinet, which helps you maximize the space.

Place cleaning products such as dishwashing liquid, kitchen cleaner under the sink cabinet. Arrange them so that you can easily reach them when needed.

Organize under the sink cabinetOrganize under the sink cabinet

Above are some simple steps to keep your kitchen clean and tidy. We hope that this article has provided you with useful information.

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