Key elements for effective business website design

Your website is the online face of your business. With 70% of your customers using the internet every day, they are constantly searching for products and services that your competitors offer, but your offerings are nowhere to be found on search engines. This is a tremendous missed opportunity.


Understanding the importance of business website design, Tam Nguyen Company would like to share some information to help you choose the most suitable company to design a website for your business. The more you understand, the more you are willing to research before designing a business website, the less mistakes you will make, the less you will pay in money and time.

What types of businesses need website design?

Currently, there are many types of businesses such as: large, medium, small or types of companies such as joint-stock, limited liability or family businesses. Each type of business has a common goal of how to maximize profits with the lowest costs. To maximize profits, all these companies must definitely design a website to introduce their company and store.

Complete business website design

For large businesses, they need to “connect” with a huge number of customers every day, designing a website for their business will help them minimize their business costs. For example, designing a commercial website, interior website design, or sales website design…

For small and medium-sized businesses, a website is also essential. Based on the website, these companies can build their own names in the internet market. This is also an effective way to help customers quickly know about the business. When customers access the website, learn about the services and website, if they make an impression, they will definitely use the products or services of your company.

On the contrary, if your business does not design a website, you are creating a gap between yourself and customers. Online, all websites are the same and there is no distinction between large and small businesses, any business can be the same, the more it can show the importance of building a website for the business. So, the size of your company is not a problem, as long as you have a well-designed website that bears the mark of your business, your company can stand shoulder to shoulder with large companies on the Internet.

For joint-stock companies, limited liability or family businesses, all they need is a website to be able to compete fairly with their competitors. With the fast development of the internet and it is possible that your competitors have gone before you one step. If your competitor builds a website before and your business is the one coming later, it will be difficult to surpass them.

We can take a specific example like this: Two companies start their business at the same time with the same business. However, company A focuses on designing a website for sales and running ads from their website from the early days, while company B focuses only on traditional offline business. After a short time, company A’s business is developing more and more while company B is increasingly struggling. At this point, company B starts to build a web but it is too late. Company A has already dominated the market, so no matter how hard company B tries, it cannot catch up with company A anymore. Because at this time, company A has the power to control the market on the internet. Your company will be like that company B if you are slow in establishing your presence on the internet.

The difference in the success rate of stores, businesses is related to technology. And there is no aspect of small or large business, joint-stock or limited liability company, but the most important thing is to convey your brand to customers on the internet.

Why do businesses need website design?

Designing and building a website for business helps develop 24/7 business – Company information is found and consulted by users almost anytime, anywhere. The website is the first thing customers see when they want to learn about your company.

Reasons to design a website for business

Here are some reasons why businesses should design a website:

  • Provide diverse information about their business to customers without limitation
  • Customers can easily find and access your website on search engines through smart devices
  • Dynamic and visual product images, detailed descriptions, encourage purchasing
  • No need to spend costs on renting business premises
  • No need to spend costs on hiring marketing staff
  • No need to spend costs on renting/building warehouses for goods, only need pictures/videos about products, services
  • High competition, keeping up with competitors in Industry 4.0
  • Rapid update of products to consumers
  • Establish professionalism of the business, create impression and absolute satisfaction with customers
  • Fast notification and advertising of products/services
  • Shorten the distance between large companies and small businesses quickly
  • Promote and market products, buying and selling 24/7 even when you are absent
  • Always accessible anytime, anywhere, anytime
  • The website is the voice of the business to promote to potential customers, those in need.

Elements to help the success of a business website.

A business website is not just for operation, only for you or a few employees to access and view the content on it, a professional corporate website must be able to operate well on the internet to satisfy visitors, a truly high-quality design is when your competitors also feel that your website is of high quality. Below are 10 elements of a professional website.

1. Mobile friendly

It’s been a few years since the desktop interface is no longer the only thing to consider. Creating a website for desktop viewing only serves a small percentage of your customers and makes it difficult for most people on mobile devices.

2. Fast load time

Fast load time is one of the most important factors for a successful website and web design plays a big role in this. A beautiful website is hardly effective if its design slows down load time.

Thanks to technology, we’ve gotten used to getting information instantly when we want it. If it takes just three seconds for your website to load, you could lose nearly half of your web visitors.

3. Clear purpose

Sometimes, you might feel like the interface of a website doesn’t really reflect its purpose. YY Lee, founder and web developer at Zoewebs Sdn Bhd, told us that it’s important to “design with purpose”.

If your web design is successful, users will have a good impression of your company just by looking at the website. Users won’t have to spend a lot of time on your website to struggle to understand what you’re offering.

What do you want to achieve with your website? A question must be answered.

4. Navigation

You don’t create a website so users can spend all their time on your homepage. However, if you don’t have clear navigation on your website, users might not understand that.

Milosz with ChilliFruit agrees that good navigation will keep users on your website longer. “If they can’t find their way around your website quickly and easily, they’ll likely abandon it and go elsewhere.

5. Visual hierarchical structure

Do you know which information on your website is most important to your users? Unless you know this, your web design might make you fail.