Most Accurate Good and Bad Times on February 7, 2024. Lunar Calendar on February 7, 2024.

"Check out the good and bad times on February 7, 2024. Consult the lunar calendar for February 7, 2024 to find out the auspicious hours, inauspicious hours, and favorable hours for auspicious activities on that day."


View the lunar calendar on February 7, 2024 – View the auspicious hours on February 7, 2024

Wednesday, February 7, 2024, is the 28th day of the lunar calendar, the day of Tan Suu, the month of At Suu, the year of Quy Mao, belongs to the season of Spring. On the Chu Tuoc Black Path, there are few obstacles to work on this day, and the chances of success are high, so everything can be carried out.

Departure in the Southwest direction to meet the Hoi deity, receive joy, luck, and convenience. Departure in the Southwest direction to encounter the Tai deity, receive wealth and money.

Ages in conflict with the day include Quy Mui, Dinh Mui, At Dau, At Mao.

Things to do: Start all things well, the best is to build attics, bury, get married.

View the auspicious hours on February 7, 2024

Good hours

– 03-05 (Dawn hour): Gold Coin. Good for marriage.

– 05-07 (Mao hour): Gold Road. Everything goes smoothly.

– 09-11 (Ty hour): Jade Road. Everything is good, except for things related to mud, kitchen. Very good for papers, documents, learning and writing.

– 15-17 (Thanh hour): Arts Road. Good for everything.

– 19-21 (Tuat hour): Blue Dragon. Everything goes well, ranking first in the Good hours.

– 21-23 (Hoi hour): Bright Road. Beneficial for meeting important people, for promotion.

Bad hours

– 23-01 (Ty hour): Heavenly Shape. Very unfavorable for lawsuits.

– 01-03 (Suu hour): Chu Duke. Avoid disputes, lawsuits.

– 07-09 (Thin hour): White Tiger. Avoid everything.

– 11-13 (Ngo hour): Heavenly Obstacle. Everything goes unfavorably.

– 13-15 (Mui hour): Raw Virtue. Avoid disputes, communication.

– 17-19 (Dau hour): Fight and Defend. Very unfavorable for moving houses, building houses, funeral ceremonies.

Auspicious hours for departure

11-13 and 23-1, Storage hours, dim fortune, difficult career. Lawsuits should be postponed. People who leave have no news. Mouths and words are very ordinary. Avoid arguments. Work is slow, time-consuming, but everything is certain.

1-3 and 13-15, Mundane hours, going out at this time often leads to disputes, unpleasant incidents, so be cautious, careful in words and speech, keep your mouth shut. Those who leave should postpone. Meetings, official functions, arguments… avoid going at this time, if you have to go, keep your mouth shut to avoid arguments, fights.

3-5 and 15-17, Tiny Hour, very good, going out at this time often brings a lot of luck. People who go are about to return home. Business is profitable. Women receive good news. Everything is harmonious, smooth and beautiful. The family is all healthy.

5-7 and 17-19, Definite Departure Hour, this is the time of Great Disaster, very bad. Going out at this time, everything is unlucky, losing money is hard to find. Seeking fortune is not beneficial, often encountering obstacles. Lawsuits are unfavorable, disputes are lost.

7-9 and 19-21, Great Peace Hour, going out at this time, most things are good. Seeking fortune in the Southwest direction. Houses are peaceful. People who go out are all at peace.

9-11 and 21-23, Toc Hoc Hour, going out at this hour will encounter many good omens and joys. Choose the morning for better results, and in the afternoon, the benefits decrease. Seeking fortune in the South direction. Going to meet leaders, high-ranking officials, or partners brings good luck. People who go have news.

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