My favorite rose, watering once every half month makes the plant grow vigorously, with abundant blooms all year round.

Using this type of water to irrigate rose plants will help them grow quickly and produce many flowers.


Roses are a type of plant that is loved by many people. There are different varieties of roses with different colors such as climbing roses, bush roses, and wild roses… Each type has its own unique beauty, suitable for the preferences of many people.

Planting roses is not difficult, but to make the plants bloom, you also need some techniques.

Fertilize the plants

If you want the rose plants to grow fast and produce many flowers, you need to supply them with nutrients. When the plants have enough nutrients, they will have big flowers and bloom continuously, even all year round.

Whether you grow the plants in pots or in the garden, you need to regularly supplement them with nutrients.

A good organic fertilizer for roses that you can refer to is fish fertilizer. Fish fertilizer is made from the residues of fish, fish intestines, fish scales… and a number of other ingredients that are fermented.

Making fish fertilizer is quite simple. You need to put fish residues, fish intestines, fish scales into a fermentation bin with honeydew, biological agents, and water. The ratio is as follows: 10kg of fresh fish, 200 grams of EM biological agent in powder form, 500ml of honeydew, and fill it with water.

Use a stick to press the ingredients down. Cover the fermentation bin tightly with a piece of cloth and close the lid.

Let it ferment for about 7 days, then open the lid, mix well, and add water. Continue fermenting for about 20-25 days. From this point on, you can use fish fertilizer to fertilize the plants. After about 60 days of fermentation, the ingredients will be completely decomposed.

To use the fertilizer, dilute fish fertilizer with clean water (1 liter of fish fertilizer mixed with 100-200ml of clean water). It is best to water the rose plants in the morning or evening. After the first watering, wait for about 5-7 days before watering again. Then, water the plants with fish fertilizer once every 15-20 days.

If you don’t want to make fish fertilizer, you can bury fish directly into the soil. Over time, the fish will gradually decompose and dissolve the nutrients into the soil. The plant roots will absorb these nutrients to nourish the plants. Note that you should bury the ingredients far away from the plant roots to avoid burning them.

In addition to fish fertilizer, you can also supplement the rose plants with manure, compost, or other fermented animal fertilizers. Just bury the fertilizer in the soil, cover it, and then water it. The fertilizers will gradually decompose and dissolve, providing nutrients to the plants.

If you grow roses in pots, you should replace the soil once a year to ensure its freshness and supplement the necessary nutrients for the plants, replacing the depleted soil.

In addition to fertilizing, if you want the rose plants to grow vigorously and produce many flowers, you need to pay attention to the following:


During the process of growing rose plants, don’t forget to prune the branches. In winter, cut off the thin and small branches to keep the plants neat and focus the nutrients on the healthy branches, helping them produce more buds.


Roses prefer sunlight. If you keep the plants in the shade, it will be difficult for them to bloom. If there are flowers, they will be small and not beautiful. It is best to plant rose plants in a place with plenty of sunlight. The more sunlight the plants receive, the more flowers they will have, and the more vibrant the flowers will be.