Should parents ban their sons from playing with dolls?

Is it really a matter to worry if a boy loves to play with dolls? Should parents prohibit their boys from playing with dolls? Let's find out together!


The belief that dolls are only for girls to play with has deeply ingrained in the thinking of many parents. Parents are afraid to let their boys play with dolls because they fear that their sons will become weak and feminine. Does playing with dolls really make boys weak? Let’s delve into the topic in the following article!

1 The benefits of letting children play with dolls

In reality, dolls are not exclusively made for any gender, and letting boys play with dolls brings many benefits in terms of learning and developing life skills in children.

Developing social skills and emotions

Developing social skills and emotionsDeveloping social skills and emotions

Playing with “friends” dolls designed like newborn babies can be very helpful in training social skills and emotions.

When playing with dolls, this will be a type of role-play for children. Children will have the opportunity to learn and perform actions, experience being a big brother, and gain a better understanding of various events from different perspectives.

Enhancing imagination

Enhancing imaginationEnhancing imagination

Playing with dolls requires children to interact a lot, such as changing clothes, feeding, and talking to their “friend” doll. This is an opportunity for children to develop and enhance their imagination and creativity. Building a friendship with a doll will allow children to enhance their imagination and stimulate their creativity from a young age.

Improving cognitive and motor skills

Improving cognitive and motor skillsImproving cognitive and motor skills

When playing with dolls, preparing and changing clothes for the doll regularly will help develop motor skills, especially knowing how to dress themselves and prepare clothes for themselves.

In addition, actions such as bathing the doll, preparing clothes, changing clothes, feeding, etc. will help children improve their cognitive abilities through practicing a meaningful series of actions.

Enhancing language skills

Enhancing language skillsEnhancing language skills

One of the important benefits of boys playing with dolls is that it helps them improve their language skills. During doll play, children often perceive the doll as their sibling or friend.

This will stimulate the child’s desire to communicate with others. As children can frequently chat and share with the doll, their speaking skills will develop and improve, contributing to enhancing their communication abilities from a young age.

Nurturing empathy and responsibility

Nurturing empathy and responsibilityNurturing empathy and responsibility

When children become attached to a toy and pay attention to taking care of it, playing with their “friend” doll will help children develop empathy and build a responsible character.

Through taking care of and playing with the doll, children can learn and understand more about care and love, thereby enhancing their sense of empathy. Learning how to take good care of their “friend” doll is an opportunity for children to cultivate their own sense of responsibility.

Dealing with negative emotions

Dealing with negative emotionsDealing with negative emotions

For young children, playing with dolls can help them alleviate negative emotions through talking and sharing with the doll. In many situations, children find it difficult to open up and share with their loved ones, but it is much easier for them to confide and express their thoughts and emotions to their “friend” doll.

2 Should parents prohibit their sons from playing with dolls?

Should parents prohibit their sons from playing with dolls?Should parents prohibit their sons from playing with dolls?

In reality, there is no research that proves that boys playing with dolls will make their character weaker or more feminine. Instead, playing with dolls helps children develop many useful skills for life, improves their spirit in a positive way.

Therefore, parents should not prohibit their children from playing with dolls. Instead, let them freely choose their favorite toys and spend time playing with them, teaching children valuable lessons from the smallest actions!

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Source: VNExpress Newspaper