The Real Meaning of the Folk Saying: “Long eyebrows are more valuable than ten thousand pounds, and wealth and longevity are hard to surpass”.

In ancient times, long eyebrows were believed to be highly valued. Those with thick eyebrows were believed to bring good fortune, wealth, and longevity.


First, it is necessary to understand the meaning of the proverb: “Eyebrows longer than ten thousand thach luong, wealth and longevity like no one else” is. Thach luong is an ancient unit of weight in China. One thach luong is equivalent to about 71.616 kg, which means 1 thach luong = 4 quan, 1 quan = 30 can, 1 can = 16 lang, and 1 lang = 0.6 kg. Luong here refers to food.

The meaning of this sentence is that people with long eyebrows are considered valuable. In ancient society, where life depended mainly on agriculture, food became more important than ever. Therefore, this proverb refers to the fact that people with long eyebrows will have good luck and fortune, as well as health and longevity. So, that is a good sign.

Look at the eyebrows to predict destiny and fortune. According to facial linguistics, eyebrows reflect the nature of a person. Eyebrows are often seen as “Cung Bao Tho” or “Cung Huynh De”. People in the past believed that eyebrows had a big influence on the fate and fortune of each individual.

From experience, it is observed that many long-lived people often have longer eyebrows than others. Long-lived people and deities are often described with long eyebrows, and among them are strands of eyebrows that are smoother and more curved than average. Here, long eyebrows not only refer to the length from one end to the other, but also to the size of each eyebrow strand.

Although typically, long eyebrow strands only appear in older people. According to some scientific studies, eyebrows can be influenced by genetics, hormones, or nutrition. People with good hormones and nutrition tend to develop better eyebrows. This also shows that they have better financial stability and better health, and they can live longer.

However, although the folk knowledge about this is quite common, from a modern aesthetic point of view, overly long eyebrow strands can make the face look older and untidy, especially in women. Moreover, if the eyebrows are too long, they can cause itching and discomfort when they touch the skin. Therefore, many people will use tweezers to trim their length.

Especially for women, long eyebrow strands are often considered aesthetically unappealing and make their appearance look messy and less groomed. Therefore, the majority of women do not prefer overly long eyebrow strands but prefer longer eyebrow arches instead.

In reality, longer eyebrow strands tend to appear more in males than in females. This may be due to the influence of gender and hormones.

In addition to observing the shape of the eyebrows, people who are believed to be long-lived and strong, with good luck, often have the following external manifestations:

Large and thick ears: People with large, thick, and long ears are often a sign of good health and great luck, known as “Buddha’s ears”.

High nose: A high nose often shows abundance of finances, success in career and happy life.

High and round cheekbones: People with high and full cheekbones often indicate great power. Although folklore often says that high cheekbones near the top of the eyes are the best, in reality, high cheekbones that are not thin and pointed are the real signs of luck and fortune.

Frequently asked questions

According to facial linguistics, eyebrows are thought to reflect a person’s nature. Known as “Cung Bao Tho” or “Cung Huynh De”, eyebrows have long been considered influential in determining an individual’s fate and fortune. Long eyebrows, specifically, are associated with longevity, and deities are often depicted with smooth, curved, and lengthy eyebrows.

Scientific studies suggest that eyebrow growth can be influenced by genetics, hormones, and nutrition. People with healthy hormone levels and good nutrition tend to have well-developed eyebrows, which may also indicate financial stability, good health, and a potentially longer life.

From an aesthetic perspective, particularly for women, overly long eyebrow strands can be seen as unappealing, making the face appear older and untidy. Additionally, very long eyebrows can cause itching and discomfort when they touch the skin, leading many people to trim them.

Yes, longer eyebrow strands tend to be more prevalent in males than in females, which may be due to the influence of gender and hormones.

Large, thick, and long ears are often considered a sign of good health and great luck, known as “Buddha’s ears”. High cheekbones indicate power, and while folklore favors high cheekbones near the eyes, full and rounded cheekbones are the true signs of luck and fortune. A high nose is also believed to signify financial abundance, career success, and a happy life.
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