What are the drawbacks of optimizing MIUI? How to disable MIUI optimization on Xiaomi phones

Disabling MIUI optimization can fix some compatibility issues on Xiaomi phones. When should users disable MIUI optimization? How do you disable MIUI optimization? Let's find out all the details in the following article with FPT Shop.


MIUI is the exclusive operating system of Xiaomi, with MIUI optimization feature, the device will run smoothly and consume less battery. However, in some cases, this feature may conflict with the Android operating system, causing lagging, app errors, so users need to turn off MIUI optimization to keep the device running smoothly as before.

What is MIUI optimization?

MIUI optimization is a feature unique to MIUI – Xiaomi’s exclusive operating system. This feature is used to optimize the internal interface of MIUI, related to Mi applications. Therefore, when enabling MIUI optimization feature, Xiaomi phones will run smoothly and perform tasks faster, enhancing user experience.

However, Xiaomi phones also have the Android operating system alongside MIUI, so MIUI optimization feature may cause conflicts between the two operating systems and result in some annoying errors. Understanding the MIUI optimization feature will help users know when to turn it on and when to turn it off for the benefit of their phones.

Review of MIUI optimization feature


  • Improving performance by optimizing apps and disabling unnecessary features
  • Disabling background apps will effectively reduce power consumption


  • When accessing websites with long content, there may be lagging and freezing
  • Automatic music playback stops
  • Preventing some activities on the device
  • Launcher apps like Whatsapp, Gmail, Google Now, etc. may encounter errors