What is a phone signal booster? Discover the most efficient way to boost indoor signal.

Have you ever heard of a cell phone signal booster? Nowadays, maintaining a mobile phone connection is an essential part of daily life, but sometimes it can be frustrating when the signal is weak. That's where signal boosters come in handy as a much-needed solution.


Surely each of us has experienced at least once the situation of being unable to make a call due to weak phone signal. In such times, people will feel extremely inconvenient having to move to more open locations to make a call. That is why currently, home phone signal boosters are gradually attracting a lot of attention from the technology user community.

1. Reasons for weak phone signal

Before looking into phone signal boosters, you need to understand the reasons why the phone signal in your area becomes weak.

One of the biggest issues that needs to be addressed is the uneven installation of broadcasting stations or BTS towers in different areas. In big cities or urban areas, we often see densely arranged transmission towers. In contrast, in rural or mountainous areas, the population density is usually lower, with fewer transmission towers, leading to weak and frequently disrupted signals.

In addition, there are other objective factors that also contribute to the weak phone signal, such as the influence of bad weather or sudden weather changes, complex hilly terrains, etc.

2. What is a phone signal booster?

A phone signal booster, also known as a signal repeater, is a technology product that operates based on receiving GSM signals from different frequency bands at locations with strong signals, then forwards and amplifies them to areas with weak signals.

In fact, when using signal boosters, the mobile signals in the surrounding areas will also be affected to a certain extent, such as making calls and web browsing slower and weaker. Moreover, it can lead to signal loss, affecting mobile signals in the entire neighboring area.

What does a phone signal booster include?

When using wireless signals, a phone establishes a connection with the nearest BTS transmission tower. This tower is responsible for receiving and sending wireless signals to the connecting network of other towers, and then transmitting signals to mobile devices. To achieve optimal performance of the connection, the transmission towers need to be placed at a distance from each other, forming a structure similar to a beehive. This helps ensure transmission range and optimize network operation.

Benefits of using a phone signal booster

Using a phone signal booster can bring you many practical benefits, such as:

  • Flexible application for various projects: These devices are widely used for villas, buildings, hotels, elevators, basements, and areas with weak signals.
  • Signal amplification and distribution: Eliminating dead zones helps mobile devices operate smoothly and more stably, enhancing convenience and ease of communication.
  • Support for multiple mobile networks: Capable of amplifying signals for most GSM mobile networks with frequencies of 900-1800 MHz, 3G, 4G, and LTE.
  • Improved call experience: Ensure high-quality, stable calls and avoid interruptions in the middle of calls.
  • Long battery life: Increase the lifespan of the phone’s battery as energy consumption decreases when the device receives a stronger signal.

3. Ways to quickly boost phone signal at home

If you want to quickly boost phone signal at home, don’t miss the following steps:

  • First, restart your phone to refresh the connection process.
  • Next, fully charge the battery because running out of battery will affect the signal reception.
  • Move to different locations in the house to help the device receive more phone signals.
  • If the phone signal of your current network provider is not good, choose a better mobile service provider to optimize your connection.
  • Use a different power source for higher signal reception capabilities.
  • In case the phone signal is too weak, you can switch to using Wi-Fi to facilitate communication. But if the Wi-Fi in your area is also weak and you temporarily cannot move to other broadcasting stations, try to find and buy some in-home phone signal boosters with 2G or 3G support.

4. Notes when installing a phone signal booster

The main role of a phone signal booster is to help stabilize the phone signal and even allow users to make calls even when they are in an elevator – the area that is considered to have the weakest network signal.

Therefore, phone signal boosters are currently favored by users for installation in areas with high population density, high usage of mobile phones, or businesses that need to enhance call quality. However, to ensure effective installation and usage, you need to consider the following notes:

  • Phone signal boosters can affect the general mobile signals in the surrounding areas. Therefore, the data communication capability of other users will also be affected, causing many inconvenient issues.
  • Devices of unknown origin are often sold on the market, lacking quality assurance or compatibility with electromagnetic fields. Therefore, they can create strong signal interference and cause major disruptions to other mobile networks.

Furthermore, to minimize inconvenience and protect mobile network providers, Decree 174/2013/ND-CP issued by the Government on November 13, 2013, sets out administrative sanctions related to radio frequency domains. These regulations include:

  • Penalties ranging from 20 million VND for installing signal boosters that have negative impacts on domestic and international fixed telecommunications networks, even broadcasting channels.
  • Organizations or individuals who install and use devices that do not comply with regulations may be fined up to 70 million VND and confiscated relevant items as prescribed.
  • Only mobile service providers with licenses to use frequency bands are allowed to install signal boosters in the network transmission system.
  • Signal boosters should only be installed in areas with limited coverage to enhance the quality of telecommunications services without impeding or interfering with other mobile networks.


Hopefully, the information shared by FPT Shop in this article will help you expand your knowledge about improving mobile signals and note some important points when installing phone signal boosters to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.