Why do dogs bark and bite some people but not others?

Do you know why a dog likes to bark and bite some people, but it doesn't bite others?


Dogs bark because they are experiencing something new

The most common reason why dogs bark when they see you is because they are experiencing something new. If a dog is not very friendly, it will bark as soon as it comes into contact with a stranger because there are too many new experiences: new smells, new sights, new behaviors… In general, for dogs, such novelties are seen as threatening signals.

Why do dogs like to bark?

Characteristics that make them more prone to barking

There are some characteristics in humans that make dogs more excited and prone to barking, such as:

– Accessories like hats, sunglasses: They can obstruct the dog’s ability to observe the human face.

– Beard: same reason.

– Tall people.

– Too deep tone of voice.

– Certain gestures and body language, such as staring into the dog’s eyes.

– Strong smells like cigarettes. However, dogs do not feel uncomfortable with the smell of shampoo, perfume, deodorant…

Protecting the owner

Dogs are territorial animals and have a high protection tendency. Therefore, they can act aggressively towards unfamiliar guests.

Dogs can see the true nature of humans

This is a very impressive characteristic of dogs, as some studies have shown that dogs can even determine whether a person is trustworthy or not. The reason is also because dogs are good observers. They will observe and remember the actions of humans, especially how others treat their owner.

Dogs can see the true nature of humans

Due to dogs having had negative memories

During the process of growing up with humans, a dog may carry along some negative memories and develop a defensive instinct. If you unintentionally resemble the person who caused those memories, the dog will bark immediately.

How to avoid being bitten by a dog

To prevent this, you must ” treat it well” when it’s just a puppy. With the owner, try to introduce as many smells, noises, and new people as possible, so that when they are adults, there will be nothing that surprises them. In addition, owners can train them not to bark when strangers come to the house, don’t forget the reward is their favorite treat when the dog does it right.

Frequently asked questions

Certain characteristics can make dogs more prone to barking, such as obstructing their view of the face (with hats or sunglasses), having a beard, being tall, using a deep tone of voice, or making direct eye contact. These features can be intriguing or intimidating to dogs and prompt them to bark.

Strong smells, like cigarettes, can be a trigger for dogs to bark. However, they are generally comfortable with scents commonly used by humans, such as shampoo, perfume, or deodorant.

Dogs are territorial and highly protective of their owners, which can lead to aggressive behavior towards unfamiliar guests. They may bark or act defensively to ward off potential threats.

Studies suggest that dogs possess an impressive ability to discern the trustworthiness of a person. They are keen observers and can form opinions based on human actions, especially how others treat their owners.

Dogs can carry negative memories from their experiences with humans, developing a defensive instinct. If someone resembles a person from their past, they may bark as a protective reaction.

Socialization is key. Expose the dog to various smells, noises, and new people from a young age to reduce surprises as they mature. Train them not to bark at strangers, and always reward good behavior with their favorite treat.
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