Why shouldn’t we buy old pork and ignore fresh fish, as our elders warned us?

Ancient people used to advise their descendants not to buy beef neck and catfish because these types of food are not delicious.


There is an ancient proverb that people often pass on to each other: “Do not listen to the old, suffer in front of your eyes.” At the same time, another proverb says: “Ask the old when you go out, ask the young when you come home,” emphasizing the importance of guidance and advice from experienced individuals, which often brings long-lasting and reliable value. When shopping for groceries, there is also a familiar piece of advice: “Do not choose the neck when buying meat, do not choose the eel when buying fish.”

Do not buy the neck when buying meat

The proverb “Chop the meat, not the head” has existed since ancient times with a specific purpose. In fact, consuming pork neck not only introduces a high amount of fat into the body, causing sudden weight gain, but it can also lead to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular problems.

Pork neck also contains many lymph nodes, a system that filters and captures foreign microorganisms, inflamed cells, and toxins. Continuing to consume pork neck regularly can lead to various health problems.


Pork neck contains a complex lymph node system that is difficult to completely remove during processing, leading to the continued absorption of large amounts of bacteria and toxins when consumed. This can cause poisoning or increase the risk of infectious diseases.

During the process of slaughtering pigs, there is a significant amount of discharge that contains a high risk of bacterial contamination. Therefore, caution should be exercised when consuming pork neck, as this can have negative effects on health.

Do not buy the eel when buying fish

Eels, a popular freshwater fish, are famous for their tender and fragrant meat, but they also contain many sharp bones, which can be dangerous when stuck in the throat.

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