10 Life-Changing Messages Parents Should Share with Their Children Before They Turn 12

If parents can tell their children these 12 things so that they understand, then they will definitely appreciate you for life, and when they grow up, they will definitely succeed.


Here are 10 quotes that you should tell yourself before you turn 12 years old. If you can do this, you will appreciate it for the rest of your life:

1. Dear child, not everyone will love you

From the day you were born, you started encountering different types of people. Moreover, everyone has different preferences and personalities, with countless variations, and no one is the same as another.

There will be people who dislike you because of your appearance, your looks; there will be people who dislike you because of your achievements, your capabilities; and there will be people who dislike you because your interests differ from theirs…

If there are people who do not like or appreciate you, then respect their choices but you are not obliged to be close to them, because they may not be friendly or kind-hearted.

Dear child, not everyone will love you. (Illustration)

2. Dear child, always say thank you!

Anyone who is by your side, including your parents, is not obligated to help you, take care of you, and tolerate you.

Your parents have given you this life, and that is the greatest gift.

Therefore, when someone helps you, you must sincerely thank them from the bottom of your heart, otherwise, there may not be a second chance, my child!

When someone does not want to help you, you should not hold resentment in your heart. Because you should remember one thing, others are not obligated to help you.

3. Dear child, you study for yourself, not for your parents

Why do parents always urge you to study?

Only when you read a lot, can you discern right from wrong, so that you are not blinded by ill-intentioned people, nor influenced by ignorant ones.

Only when you have good knowledge, can you comfortably choose a career that you love, have time to do things you enjoy, instead of compromising and working hard just to survive throughout your life.

4. Dear child, life is precious

Because you are still young, you haven’t experienced the matter of life and death yet.

Only when you reach the age where your parents are elderly, and your friends around you have passed away.

Know that seeing people of your age depart is a heart-wrenching matter, and it also leaves people very unsettled. Of course, what is even more heartbreaking than this, is when someone with silver hair bids farewell to someone with green hair.

Therefore, in your most difficult, painful, and lonely days, you must choose to be strong and live, rather than foolishly harm yourself. Your life was given to you by your parents, and you have no right to throw it away.

In your most difficult, painful, and lonely days, you must choose to be strong and live. (Illustration)

5. Dear child, remember to visit home often

As you grow older, your sky will become wider and wider. You may fly higher and further, and your parents will be happy about that.

But unlike you, your parents will become older and older, and their sky will shrink.

To be honest, every parent feels conflicted, both hoping that their children can reach greater heights, and hoping that their children can stay by their side. This feeling becomes even stronger as they age…

So, no matter how busy you are in the future, I hope you will take the time to visit home often. You can cook a meal for your parents, prepare a bed for them, it will bring great joy to your parents…

6. Dear child, love is greater, but also more ordinary than you think

One day, you will feel very interested in a friend of the opposite gender in your class. You will want to walk home with them after school. You will want to give them gifts, and hold their hands. And then, you will eventually part ways, this is what we call “love”…

But true love needs to be built on sacrifice, understanding, and supporting each other in life, and in the end, love will find its tranquility in the everyday life.

In your twenties, when you are not yet capable of shouldering any responsibility, you can’t bring happiness to anyone. So, don’t overstep your boundaries, it is not good for anyone.

7. Dear child, face injustice head-on in life

Society will be full of competition and injustice, but we don’t have to get too involved in these matters, instead, we should uphold our principles and elevate our ethics.

If you find yourself in an unfavorable situation, blaming life’s unfairness all the time will erode your willpower, and make you suffer even more injustice.

If you have certain advantages, bragging about it all the time will overshadow your vision. Beware that one day, you may fall into the very category of people you used to look down upon.

8. Dear child, always keep yourself clean

In any circumstances, do not let yourself go, be it mentally or physically! You need to uphold your proper moral principles, and avoid any bad habits, such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco or loose relationships!

For girls, this is even more important, as girls are naturally in a disadvantaged position. Once you indulge in excesses, you may pay the price for the rest of your life!

Dear child, always keep yourself clean. (Illustration)

9. Dear child, money is important, but there are things more important than that

Money is indeed important in this life. However, “a gentleman treasures talents, and uses wealth with righteousness”, a gentleman values wealth but uses it righteously.

You must not resort to theft, deception, or any means to obtain money, even just once.

10. Dear child, you must rely on yourself in everything

In anything you do, you must rely on yourself. “Rely on a mountain, and it will collapse; rely on a person, and they will run away”. Only you yourself are the most reliable.

There will be very few colleagues who sincerely help you, your parents will grow old and cannot accompany you throughout your life, your siblings will have their own families and their own problems. Even your own children will eventually leave you to start their own careers…

Therefore, you must have your own passion, have a healthy body, and be happy for the rest of your life, my child!

Frequently asked questions

Expressing gratitude and appreciation helps children understand the value of others’ support and choices. It fosters a sense of humility and respect for those around them, including their parents. By recognizing that help is a choice and not an obligation, children learn to value the efforts of others and build stronger relationships. Gratitude also teaches them to appreciate the little things in life, fostering a positive and mindful attitude.

Parents can emphasize that studying is not just about grades but about gaining knowledge to discern right from wrong. Explain how knowledge can protect them from ill-intentioned people and influence. Encourage them to explore different subjects to find their passions and choose a career they love. Help them understand that knowledge gives them the power to make informed choices and live a life they enjoy, rather than merely surviving.

Understanding the fragility of life and the importance of good health helps children develop a sense of perspective and resilience. It teaches them to cherish their health and make the most of their lives, especially during difficult times. By recognizing that their actions can impact their well-being, children are more likely to make healthy choices and develop a positive attitude towards self-care.

Encourage your children to maintain strong family connections as they grow older. Remind them that their parents’ world may feel smaller as they age, and their presence brings joy. Invite them to contribute to family traditions, create new ones, and actively participate in family life. This helps foster a sense of belonging and reminds them that family is a constant source of support and love.

Love is often glorified, but it’s important to teach children that love is both greater and more ordinary than they think. Explain that love requires sacrifice, understanding, and supporting each other through life’s challenges. Guide them to understand that true love is built on mutual respect, compromise, and everyday gestures of care. Help them navigate crushes and relationships healthily, emphasizing that love is about more than just feelings; it’s a commitment to another person’s well-being.

Teach children to uphold their principles and ethics, even in the face of competition and injustice. Explain that blaming life’s unfairness erodes their power, and instead, they should focus on what they can control. Encourage them to stand up for what’s right and be a positive influence. Help them understand that true strength comes from maintaining their values and treating others with respect, even when faced with adversity.

Maintaining physical and mental health is crucial for a child’s overall well-being and resilience. Parents can support this by modeling healthy behaviors, encouraging physical activity, and promoting a positive body image. Teach them about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, and provide age-appropriate sex education. For girls, in particular, emphasize the importance of self-care and empowerment to navigate societal disadvantages. Prioritize open communication and seek professional help if needed.

Parents can teach children that money is a tool and a means to an end, but it should not be the primary goal. Emphasize the value of talent, righteousness, and integrity. Discuss ethical ways to earn money and the consequences of theft or deception. Help them understand that true wealth lies in their character and contributions to society, not just financial gain. Encourage volunteering, donating, and supporting causes they believe in.

Self-reliance teaches children to trust their abilities and make independent decisions. Parents can foster this by encouraging problem-solving skills, providing opportunities for independence, and allowing them to fail and learn from their mistakes. Teach them to seek help when needed but also to trust their instincts. Help them develop their passions and hobbies, and emphasize the importance of physical and mental health for long-term resilience.
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