4 Tips on How the French Use Butter for Delicious Cooking

When cooking French cuisine, incorporating butter is essential for maximizing flavor. Whether adding oil to butter, melting it before frying or stir-frying, or spreading it on chicken for grilling, these simple tricks can take a dish from ordinary to extraordinary.


Using Butter in Cooking

Many people hesitate to use butter in cooking, fearing that it will make their dishes too fatty and not tasty. However, this is a misconception, especially when it comes to Western cuisine. Omitting butter from certain dishes can alter their original flavor.

Therefore, it is important not to shy away from using butter in your cooking. Simply follow the recommended amount stated in the recipe, and you will create attractive and delicious dishes without them becoming greasy.

Don't be afraid to use butter to cook, the dishes will be more delicious and attractive

Add Oil to Prevent Burning

When cooking butter at high temperatures, it tends to burn and diminish the flavor of the dish. To avoid this, you can add a small amount of oil to the butter before stir-frying or frying. This will help prevent the butter from burning and maintain the desired taste.

Adding oil to butter helps prevent it from burning at high temperatures from the stove

Melt Butter Before Cooking

If you prefer not to add oil, another option is to melt the butter before cooking. Place the butter in a pot or pan over low heat and let it slowly melt. For better results, remove any white bubbles that appear on the surface of the melted butter using a spoon. You can then pour the melted butter into a jar and use it whenever you need to stir-fry, as it will not burn.

If you don't use oil, you should melt the butter before frying, stir-frying

Enhance Roasted Chicken with Butter

When preparing roasted chicken, consider inserting butter between the layer of skin and chicken meat. Place the butter in the middle of the meat and skin, or even massage the top of the skin with butter before grilling. You can also mix herbs with the butter before inserting it into the chicken skin. These techniques will result in a more fragrant and crispy roasted chicken with an attractive appearance.

Insert butter between the layer of skin and chicken meat, brushing butter on top of the skin will make the roasted chicken more delicious

By following these French butter tips, you can elevate the flavors of your dishes. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions regarding the use of butter in cooking.