5 Signs Your Child is Exceptionally Intelligent: A Bright Future and Proud Parents

If your child shows any of these five signs, congratulations! They are likely to be a genius in the making.


Babies with Good Communication Skills

According to experts in psychology, when babies start to babble their first words around 12 months and start forming words by 18 months, this is a sign of early language and thinking ability. Additionally, if the child enjoys words and books during story times or says a complete sentence before 14 months, these are early signs of language ability and advanced thinking.

Furthermore, these babies usually have special skills and are able to follow direction given by speech to move to a certain place in the house, or understand instructions to perform a certain task. Because of this, if your child shows these signs, congratulations are in order and the parents should be proud of their child.

Early signs of an intelligent child

Children who express many emotions early

According to psychologists, children who are born with intense emotional expressions. This means that the child will feel both positive and negative emotions, as well as having complex thoughts that are more mature than their peers. In addition, when parents can observe how the child connects with people and pets, they can recognize their child’s special emotional intelligence. Such children need to be encouraged to express themselves and speak their minds.

Children with expressive faces and quick reactions

In physiognomy and astrology, most of the waking hours of babies after birth are spent observing their surroundings, people, and different movements. This is a sign of a very intelligent baby. If a very young child knows how to communicate with its parents through eye contact in a very flexible way, it is a baby with a very active brain. Therefore, after the child grows up, it is usually more intelligent than other people. And parents can be proud of their child.

Signs that your child is intelligent early

Children who tend to reach developmental milestones earlier

A baby who starts walking before the standard time frame, sits up without help at 4 months old, earlier than most infants, and grasps everything around the sixth month, are all signs that the baby is reaching developmental milestones earlier than their peers, which is one sign of intelligence.

Frequently asked questions

Psychologists suggest that children born with intense emotional expressions, both positive and negative, tend to have complex thoughts beyond their years. Observing how a child connects with people and pets can reveal their emotional intelligence. Encourage these children to express themselves and speak their minds.

A baby who spends a lot of time observing their surroundings and people after birth is a sign of an active and intelligent mind. Babies who make eye contact and communicate with their parents flexibly are likely to have very active brains. These children often tend to reach developmental milestones earlier, such as walking and sitting up without assistance, indicating advanced intelligence.
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