Behind Every Successful Son, There Is a Phenomenal Mother With These 5 Qualities

To raise children who will be outstanding in the future, mothers must first have good qualities, build a foundation for family education, and serve as role models for their children. Only when mothers possess good qualities can they teach their children to become successful early on, promising the children's successful future.


Behind every renowned historical figure, there stands the image of a great, virtuous, and compassionate mother. A mother’s wisdom, sacrifices, nurturing guidance, and unwavering support shape the destiny of her children. These extraordinary women have truly woven countless fairy tales amidst the ordinary.

The Benevolent and Compassionate Mother

A Chinese proverb says, “Blessings come from the mother.” A virtuous, kind, and compassionate mother who often engages in charitable acts brings countless blessings to her children, family, and descendants.

Therefore, an ancient proverb states, “A virtuous woman brings prosperity to three generations”.

Growing up around a loving and affectionate mother enriches a child’s emotions. From their mother, children learn the virtues of kindness, warmth, and compassion.

Children are born with innate goodness and innocence, like blank slates. The education and upbringing provided by their closest caretaker, who is usually the mother, shapes their character. A mother’s values ultimately influence a child’s future personality.

A mother who teaches her child to love and care for others instills a sense of goodness in their heart. As they grow older, these children will undoubtedly become kind-hearted adults who are loved, trusted, and supported by many.

Behind every successful child, stands a great mother with 5 qualities. (Illustrative image)

The Diligent and Frugal Mother

Most mothers are hard-working and resilient. Even if they were once lazy women, once they marry and have children, they can transform into entirely different individuals.

They become industrious and dedicated, motivated by their love for their children. This is perhaps a human instinct, a fundamental trait of motherhood.

Within families, the sacrifices, hard work, and thriftiness of wives and mothers are highly valued. Mothers typically take on most household responsibilities, from cooking and laundry to cleaning and childcare. They are also responsible for managing family finances, ensuring that funds are allocated wisely for food, education, and other expenses.

Therefore, mothers who diligently care for their homes and manage their finances wisely foster a more harmonious and stable family environment. This is also a virtue that mothers should instill in their children so that they can become self-reliant adults. Children will emulate their mothers and strive to embody their values.

The advice and guidance that mothers provide daily shape their children’s habits of diligence and financial responsibility.

The Wise Mother

An adage says, “Follow your teacher’s guidance outside the home, and your mother’s guidance within the home,” echoing an ancient Chinese tale known as “Mencius’ Mother Moves Three Times.” This story illustrates the wisdom of a mother who raised her son according to strict rules of propriety while adapting flexibly to real-world situations.

Zhang Shi, the mother of the renowned philosopher Mencius, single-handedly raised and educated her son after his father passed away when he was young. To provide him with the best possible educational environment, she relocated their home three times.

Their first residence was near a cemetery. Zhang Shi noticed that her son was imitating the mourners’ behavior, and she realized that this environment was not conducive to his upbringing. Thus, she moved their home near a marketplace.

However, when she overheard Mencius mimicking the haggling and sharp-tongued exchanges of the merchants, she decided to relocate once again.

Mencius’ mother then settled near a school, where she observed her son emulating the scholars’ courteous and studious behavior. Only then did she feel at ease, saying, “This is the right place for my son to live.” This approach to parenting truly exemplifies a mother’s wisdom.

The Family-Oriented Mother

The Chinese have a long-standing saying, “A virtuous wife and a good mother,” which acknowledges and commends women who are dedicated to their families.

Throughout Chinese history, Empress Zhangsun has been revered as the most virtuous and benevolent empress and an exemplary wife. Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty is credited with establishing one of the most prosperous Tang Dynasty eras in Chinese history.

Beyond his own merits, Emperor Taizong’s successful reign can be attributed to his capable and loyal ministers, as well as the unwavering support of his virtuous and wise empress, Empress Zhangsun. Her noble character and compassionate heart earned her the admiration and respect of the people.

In the annals of Chinese history, Wei Zheng stands out as one of the most outspoken and influential advisors to Emperor Taizong. On one occasion, he angered the emperor so greatly that he humiliated him in front of the entire court.

Upon hearing the story, Empress Zhangsun calmly and respectfully knelt before Emperor Taizong and said, “Congratulations, Your Majesty! I have heard that only when an emperor is a wise ruler do his ministers dare to speak their minds and offer candid advice.”

Her virtue and wisdom not only preserved her husband’s dignity but also mended the rift with his capable advisor.

Strong and Confident

A Chinese saying goes, “Women are weak by nature, but become strong as mothers,” suggesting that while women are generally gentle and tender, their maternal instincts and innate strength emerge when they have children, making them more resilient and self-assured.

In their children’s eyes, mothers are伟大的偉大,all-powerful beings who can accomplish anything. A capable, strong, and confident mother sets an example for her children to emulate. The positive attributes of a mother instill strength and resilience in her children, enabling them to face future challenges with confidence.

A mother gives birth to her child and nurtures their life. She cares for them, provides for them, and loves them unconditionally. It is safe to say that a mother is the most influential person in a child’s life, someone they can trust and rely on. Throughout one’s life, a mother remains the greatest teacher.

Frequently asked questions

Mothers are often the primary caregivers and educators of their children. The values and lessons they impart greatly influence their children’s character development. A mother who teaches her child to love, care, and be kind instills a sense of goodness that can lead to a life of being loved, trusted, and supported by many.

Mothers who are hardworking and resilient create a stable and harmonious family environment. Their dedication to household responsibilities and wise financial management sets an example for their children to become self-reliant adults. The daily advice and guidance from these mothers shape their children’s habits of diligence and financial responsibility.

A wise mother adapts her parenting to real-world situations while upholding strict rules of propriety. The story of Mencius’ mother, who moved their home three times to provide the best educational environment, exemplifies this. Her flexible yet principled approach ensured her son emulated the right role models, ultimately shaping his character.

The Chinese highly value women dedicated to their families, as reflected in the saying, “A virtuous wife and a good mother.” Empress Zhangsun, revered for her benevolence and wisdom, is an example. Her support and noble character contributed to Emperor Taizong’s successful reign, earning her admiration and respect from the people.

Motherhood brings out a woman’s innate strength and resilience, as suggested by the Chinese saying, “Women are weak by nature, but become strong as mothers.” Mothers become powerful role models for their children, embodying capability and confidence. This positive influence instills resilience in their children, empowering them to face future challenges.
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