Creating High-Quality Salted Lemon Jars

Soothing, refreshing, and surprisingly healthy, a jar of salted lemonade is the perfect beverage for hot weather. Preparing the perfect jar of salted lemonade doesn't take much time – simply soaking the lemons in a saturated salt water solution, followed by sun-drying the jar, is all that's required. But beware – never sun-dry the lemon before salting it!


Salt-preserved Limes with Foam

Salt-preserved limes with foam are usually caused by the lime salt water not being salty enough. After removing the foam layer, you can fix it in two ways:

  • Add salt directly to the lime salt jar, sunbathe it, and the salt will gradually dissolve.
  • Replace the salt water, but you have to mix the salt water until they are saturated, meaning that the salt cannot dissolve further into the water.

Note when making standard quality lime salt jar

Salt-preserved Limes with Black Color

Salt-preserved limes with black color are not necessarily spoiled, please open the jar to check.

  • If the jar still smells of lime, you just need to sunbathe them for a while and the limes will turn yellow on the inside.
  • If the jar has a bad smell, you need to remove them and make a new lime salt jar.

Note when making standard quality lime salt jar

Bitter Lime Salt Jar

Usually, lime salt jars that have been soaked for more than 1 year will no longer taste bitter. If you want to use them sooner, you can remove some lime essential oil by scraping off the lime peel or rubbing the lime on a sharpening stone.

However, this essential oil is very helpful for treating coughs. Therefore, you should consider carefully before removing this essential oil.

Note when making standard quality lime salt jar

Deformed and Slow to Turn Yellow Limes

In this case, you sunbathe the limes before soaking them. Limes that are withered when soaked will become deformed and take a long time to turn yellow. Due to the loss of water content in the limes, it is easier for the bitterness to occur.

Note when making standard quality lime salt jar

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