Delicious Duck Recipes to Spice Up Your Family Meal

These delectable dishes made from duck meat will enhance the appeal and uniqueness of your family meals.


Grilled duck with chao sauce


If you are a fan of grilled duck, you should not miss the grilled duck with chao sauce. It may seem simple at first glance, but this dish requires precision and meticulousness to achieve the perfect flavor.

After being prepared, the duck is marinated with rich chao sauce, then grilled until golden and crispy. The meat is tender, juicy, and flavorful, especially when served with pickles, raw vegetables, and chao dipping sauce.

Braised duck with sour soup

Braised duck with sour soup is a familiar dish in the northern region of Vietnam. The fatty and tender duck meat combined with the sourness of the soup creates a delicious and refreshing taste. This dish is particularly perfect for hot summer days.

Sour soup is rich in vitamin C, which is beneficial for health during hot summer days. When you are active, your body loses minerals and water. Sour soup can replenish minerals and provide hydration.

Braised duck with sour soup helps to supplement nutrients, improve digestion, and promote better sleep. Moreover, this dish is effective in relieving mouth sores.

Grilled duck with honey


While grilled duck with chili salt brings a spicy and flavorful taste, grilled duck with honey offers a sweet and indescribable flavor. There are various methods to grill this dish, including using a rice cooker, oven, or charcoal stove.

Grilled duck with honey has a tender, chewy and beautifully glossy meat. The taste is sweet, rich, and subtly infused with the aroma of ginger.

Braised duck with ginger

Braised duck with ginger is a suitable dish to enjoy on cold days as ginger can warm the stomach. It is undoubtedly delicious and satisfying when paired with white rice.

Braised duck with ginger helps to support digestion, cardiovascular health, and lowers blood pressure for hypertensive individuals due to the abundant antioxidants and stress-relieving compounds in ginger.

Duck and bamboo shoot vermicelli soup


Duck and bamboo shoot vermicelli soup is a familiar dish with soft and sweet bamboo shoots, tender duck meat, and flavorful broth. It is a perfect choice for a breakfast meal.

Bamboo shoots are low in fat and rich in protein, vitamins, and fiber, making them highly nutritious. They are also rich in fiber and phytosterols, which help limit fat and cholesterol.

Duck curry

Curry is a delicious dish originating from India. With a slight variation, it can become a delicious duck curry. The combination of potatoes, onions, and tender duck meat in a creamy and fragrant coconut sauce will surely satisfy your taste buds.

Duck meat is a nutritious food that promotes diuresis, relieves heat, and improves vitality. Duck meat contains significantly higher amounts of protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins, compared to beef, pork, and goat meat. Therefore, duck curry is an extremely nourishing dish that provides energy for your body.

Duck herbal noodle soup

Duck herbal noodle soup originated from China but is currently popularly enjoyed. This dish is a perfect combination of duck meat and various herbs that are good for health and contribute to its unique and delicious flavor.

This dish has high nutritional value. Duck meat has a sweet and cool nature, which helps nourish the kidneys and prevents weakness. The combination of herbs helps reduce fat, promote weight loss, and boost immune function.

Duck porridge and duck salad


Duck porridge and duck salad are delicious, simple, and easy-to-make dishes. The hot porridge, accompanied by tender duck meat and a refreshing and flavorful salad, served with a tangy fish sauce dip, is truly wonderful.

Duck porridge and duck salad provide high nutritional value. According to Vietnamese traditional medicine practitioner Vũ Quốc Trung (Vietnamese Traditional Medicine Association), duck meat is often used in cases of weakness and poor appetite as it helps restore health and treat malnutrition.

Duck and potato soup

Duck and potato soup is a flavorful dish with tender duck meat and soft, melt-in-your-mouth potatoes. It is perfect for cold rainy days as it warms you up.

Potatoes are a good source of fiber, which helps treat constipation, smooth digestion, and prevent physical weakness. You can enjoy this dish knowing its beneficial effects on your health.

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