Surprise! Many moms don’t know how to differentiate between various types of cabbage – Super moms surely know how to distinguish.

In Vietnam, there are numerous types of cabbage. However, many people still struggle to distinguish the names of each type of cabbage and how to cook them. It is often joked that in order to know all the different types of cabbage, one must be a dedicated and knowledgeable wife.


Below are the popular types of vegetables in Vietnam and how to identify them to help women reduce their confusion when choosing vegetables at the market.

1. Kale (bitter cabbage, soup cabbage)

Bitter cabbage has thick, juicy stalks with a groove in the middle. The edges of the cabbage leaves have uneven sawtooth. When cooked, kale has a slightly bitter and spicy taste.

When cooking kale soup, ginger is often added.

2. Chinese broccoli

Chinese broccoli has tall, spread out stems and yellow flowers. This type of vegetable is suitable for boiling and stir-frying.

3. Chinese sweet cabbage

Chinese sweet cabbage has slightly round leaves on top and gradually narrows down to the base, and is flat. This cabbage is used for boiling, stir-frying, and making soup, all of which are delicious.

4. Baby bok choy or white-stemmed pak choy

Baby bok choy has thick white stems that resemble a spoon and contains a lot of water.

Baby bok choy can be used to make many delicious dishes, such as boiling, making soup, and stir-frying.

5. Chinese mustard greens or Chinese broccoli rabe

This type of vegetable has round or fan-shaped wrinkled leaves. When eaten, Chinese mustard greens have a spicy taste. It is commonly used for pickling. It can also be used for making soup and boiling.

6. Choy sum or Chinese flowering cabbage

Choy sum has a distinctive shape compared to other types of cabbage, with thin stems and many small leaves. This type of vegetable can be used for making soup, hot pot, or stir-frying.

7. Chinese cabbage

Chinese cabbage has round rolled leaves, making it easy to identify. In addition to boiling, stir-frying, and making soup, Chinese cabbage is also used for making salad.

8. Chinese celery cabbage or napa cabbage

Chinese celery cabbage has round cylindrical rolled leaves, with light green color on the inside leaves and dark green on the outside. This is the type of cabbage used to make kimchi. In addition, stir-fried or hot pot with Chinese celery cabbage is also very delicious.

9. Kale or leaf cabbage

The special feature of this type of kale is the curly leaves from top to bottom. Kale is often used to make salads or smoothies.

10. Bok choy or Chinese flat cabbage