Unlock the Most Stubborn Lids in Just 30 Seconds with These Simple Tricks

Are you ready to say goodbye to those frustrating moments when you've been trying, without success, to open a box? Then read on for helpful tips that will make sure it never happens again!


Cách 1: Băng dính nhôm

Stick aluminum tape to about ½ of the jar lid.

Then stick the tape on top of the lid surface. The remaining tape should also be folded back to increase the pulling force.

Hold the jar with one hand and hold the box firmly, use the other hand to pull the tape (usually the dominant hand) to the left because most jar lids are opened by rotating to the left (counter-clockwise). You will find that the glass jar lid will easily open more than before.

Cách 2: Nước nóng

Prepare a wide-mouth bowl or deep dish, pour hot water into the bowl so that the amount of water is enough to soak the jar lid when turned upside down. Place the inverted box in the hot water bowl for 1-2 minutes. Make sure the lid is submerged, but the box is not submerged in hot water.

Remove the food box, turn the jar back upright, drain the water and open the lid. The hot water will temporarily expand the lid and break the seal, making it easier for you to open the box.

Cách 3: Gõ đều quanh miệng lọ

Use a fork or wooden spoon to tap evenly around the jar mouth. This creates pressure near the lid and breaks the vacuum.

When you hear the sound “pop,” it means the sealing layer has been broken, and you can open the lid!

Cách 4: Máy sấy tóc

Use a hair dryer to blow hot air around the jar mouth.

Similar to the heat effect when you soak the jar in hot water, the high temperature from the hair dryer also helps the lid temporarily expand and break the seal, making it easier to open the lid. In case the lid is stuck due to food residue on the jar mouth, the heat from the hair dryer can also help dissolve the residues. Open the lid with a towel or gloves. Do not place your hand directly on the lid as it will be very hot.

Note: This method is only used to open jars with metal lids. Do not heat plastic lids as they may melt. Only use this method as a last resort. The heat from drying can make the jar lid hot enough to burn your skin. Be very careful when handling the jar!

Cách 5: Dây chun

Use a rubber band to tie around the jar lid.

Put on rubber gloves and twist to open the lid as usual. The friction between the two materials will help you open the lid more easily.

Cách 6: Nam giới

If there is a guy next to you at this time, then you already have a solution! Ask them to open the lid for you!

The strength from a man’s hand is always stronger than our hands, so it won’t be difficult to open the lid.

According to 5-Minute Crafts