3/8 Program Host Speeches Suitable for Schools and Companies

The Host Script is an indispensable part of the 8th of March salutation performances. See the meaningful good 8th of March host scripts right away.


In the artistic programs celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8th at schools and companies, a program script is essential. A well written and meaningful script can ensure a successful program that leaves a lasting impression. Here are some examples of inspiring and meaningful International Women’s Day program scripts for your reference.

1Program Script for an Artistic Program on International Women’s Day

Program Script for an Artistic Program on International Women’s Day

Dear teachers, parents, and students,

Today, in the joyous atmosphere of celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8th at …. school, I, on behalf of the artistic team, would like to extend our heartfelt greetings and best wishes to all the teachers, parents, and students. We wish for a successful and memorable celebration.

Now, allow me to commence the artistic program in honor of International Women’s Day.

Our program will begin with a performance that combines the love for nature and our country with the joy of romance, set to cheerful music. Please welcome our teachers as they present “Spring Flower Song,” written by Trinh Cong Son.

Next, we invite you to enjoy a song that captures the profound sentiments of the Thai ethnic group from Northwest Vietnam. With its gentle lyrics that evoke deep and tender emotions, “Nine Levels of Love” will be performed by our talented teacher, …….. Please join us in welcoming her to the stage.

Continuing our program, we will present the song “Happy March 8th” by Hoang Van Yen, performed by the young children of …….. Kindergarten. Let’s give a round of applause for “Happy March 8th.”

Now, let’s take a musical journey back to my hometown, where lush green bamboo groves line the winding paths and the river flows serenely. Though I have traveled far and wide, my heart still yearns for my homeland. This longing is expressed in the song “My Childhood Hometown” by Từ Huy, performed by our teacher, ……. Please enjoy this heartfelt rendition.

We have just enjoyed some soulful songs and the mesmerizing voices of our performers. Now, let’s welcome “Oh, Wonderful Life,” a song filled with joy, energy, and the beauty of life.

“Oh, Wonderful Life” concludes our artistic program. We extend our heartfelt wishes for good health, happiness, and success to you all. We hope that this celebration has been a memorable one. Thank you very much!

2Meaningful and Inspiring Program Script for an Artistic Program on International Women’s Day

Meaningful and Inspiring Program Script for an Artistic Program on International Women’s Day

Distinguished guests, teachers, and educators,

As the scorching summer sun gradually fades, giving way to the cool autumn breeze, a sweet fragrance fills the air as flowers bloom in vibrant colors. The heartwarming melodies and songs dedicated to mothers and women create a harmonious symphony that fills our hearts. Today, more than ever, the image of our mothers, grandmothers, and sisters shines with grace and beauty. Is it because autumn is the season of the “October Flower”? Perhaps that’s why everyone looks radiant and joyful, carrying the most beautiful bouquets to present to the women they cherish. For the female teachers and staff of XX School, March 8th is an occasion to acknowledge their significant contributions to the education and development of our beloved students.

In every field and position, the female teachers and staff of XX School uphold the proud traditions of Vietnamese women, proving themselves to be dynamic and capable individuals who excel both in their careers and personal lives. In the spirit of unity and enthusiasm shared by women across the country, and based on the plan of … and with the approval of …, we are honored to organize this artistic program to celebrate the founding anniversary of the Vietnamese Women’s Union. Joining us today to share in this celebration are our esteemed guests. Please allow me to introduce them: (Introduce the guests)

Without further ado, let our artistic program commence:

Our program will open with a modern dance performance by the members of …, which promises to ignite the atmosphere in this hall.

Performance 2: Mother

With its simple lyrics that convey heartfelt emotions, “Mother” is a sincere expression of love from children who may sometimes appear indifferent or eager to leave their mothers’ embrace to venture out into the world. However, the truth is, “Mother, you should know that I love you dearly, though I may not always say it aloud.” This song represents the love and gratitude that millions of people want to express to their beloved mothers. Let’s listen to this song performed by ….


Performance … Where I Belong

On the day I was born, my mother’s joy overflowed. With my father’s love and care, I grew up in the warmth of our home. Mother’s lullaby soothed me to sleep in my cradle, and Father’s encouraging words guided me through my life. As time takes its toll on my parents, I realize that my life has taken something from them.

Frequently asked questions

A well-written script acts as a roadmap for the entire program, guiding the sequence of performances and ensuring a cohesive and engaging experience for the audience. It helps to create a lasting impression, honoring the significance of International Women’s Day.

Inspiring and heartfelt words that pay tribute to the achievements and contributions of women are essential. The script should also incorporate themes of unity, gratitude, and celebration, reflecting the spirit of the occasion.

By incorporating a variety of performances, including music, dance, and spoken word, the script can cater to diverse tastes and keep the audience captivated. A well-structured script with a thoughtful selection of performances leaves a lasting impression, resonating with the audience long after the program.

Honoring the female educators and their contributions to student development, as seen in the first script, is powerful. The second script’s reference to the changing seasons and the beauty it brings, mirroring the grace and strength of women, is also inspiring. These elements create a heartfelt and meaningful atmosphere.
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