3 Tips to Get Your Sofa Ready for Tet Celebrations

Preparing to welcome the Lunar New Year requires the task of cleaning the house - and the sofa. To clean your sofa effectively, check out the article by Dien May XANH for help!


When to Clean the Sofa?

The sofa is prone to becoming dirty from dirt, pet hair, footprints, and children’s handprints, which can create unsightly stains and devalue the sofa set. However, not all cases call for cleaning the sofa at home. You should only clean the sofa yourself in the following circumstances:

  • If the stains on the sofa are new.
  • If there is a lot of dust and dirt.
  • If you can identify the cause of stubborn stains.
  • If the stains can be cleaned without affecting the entire sofa.
  • If you can determine how to wash the sofa and which type of detergent to use on the sofa mattress to prevent damage.

Clean the sofa when the chair is dirty or has not been cleaned for a long time

Process of Cleaning Sofa at Home

Find out the Conditions before Cleaning the Sofa

Before you start cleaning, it is important to carefully learn about your family’s sofa to determine the appropriate chemicals or materials to use in order to clean it and extend the life of the sofa. You can refer to the code table below for more details:

Code Meaning of Code
W (Water) The sofa can be cleaned with water. This is a good choice for self-cleaning sofas.
S (Solvent)
  • You can only clean with solvents or non-aqueous cleaning products (a form of dry cleaning solvent).
  • If you use water or water-based solvents to clean it, it may fade the color of the sofa, shrink the fabric, or leave water residue on the seat.
WS or SW
  • You can clean with water or dry cleaning solvents. However, there are some risks of damaging the fabric such as color fading, fabric shrinkage, etc.
  • So you need to carefully check in an inconspicuous spot before using any cleaning product.
X (professional cleaning only) This tagged sofa is a challenge even for cleaning professionals as it cannot be cleaned with water or dry cleaning solvents, but requires specialized tools or chemicals.

Sort Stains before Cleaning

Each stain on the sofa requires a different cleaning method in order to avoid damaging the durability of the sofa’s material. Some common stains on sofas include:

  • Ordinary stains such as dirt and sauce, which can be easily cleaned with water and soap.
  • Stains that are difficult to remove, such as ink and grease from food, which may require specialized chemicals and should only be cleaned in the stained area.

Sort stains before cleaning

Three Ways to Clean Sofa at Home

Leather Sofa Cleaning

Step 1: Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the entire surface and crevices of the sofa.

Step 2: Put a few drops of moisturizing soap on a soft damp cloth and gently wipe the entire sofa surface.

Step 3: Wipe again with a dry towel, repeating the process until the sofa is completely cleaned.

Leather sofa cleaning

Felt Sofa Cleaning

Step 1: Use a vacuum cleaner to completely remove the dust from the sofa.

Step 2: Take a soft towel soaked in white vinegar or clean water and gently wipe the stains.

Step 3: After wiping, use a dryer to dry the entire sofa before use.

Felt sofa cleaning

Fabric Sofa Cleaning

Step 1: Set the seat cushions aside and remove the pillowcase to wash separately.

Step 2: Use a vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean the entire surface and slots of the sofa.

Step 3: Prepare a bowl of warm water and add 1/4 teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. Beat well to form a thick foam and apply it evenly on the chair. This foam will remove dirt and clean most stubborn stains.

Step 4: Remove the foam from the sofa. Use a long squeegee to remove the foam on the surface of the chair and wipe away the remaining foam with a soft damp cloth. Wash the cloth and continue wiping until the sofa is completely clean.

Step 5: Place the sofa in a large, well-ventilated area to dry naturally.

Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the sofa

Some Tips to Properly Clean the Sofa

  • Wash the sofa every 6 months to maintain its lifespan.
  • Regularly vacuum and treat newly attached stains as soon as possible.
  • Use paper towels or washcloths to absorb wet spots and avoid getting the sofa wet or rubbing it vigorously.
  • If the stains are old or severe, seek professional sofa cleaning services to ensure the quality of the sofa.

Use a towel to absorb wet spots to avoid getting the sofa wet

Above is a simple way to clean the sofa at home so that you can have a clean home and welcome the upcoming new year. Wishing you success and a happy Tet holiday with your loved ones on a sofa set that is as clean as new!