Gifts of Feng Shui to Avoid Giving if You Don’t Want to Lose Fortune and Relationships

Sometimes we believe that giving these gifts will bring good wishes to people, but according to feng shui, that is not the case at all.


When giving gifts to friends, remember not to give the following gifts. Although we think they have beautiful meanings, according to feng shui, they are not good for relationships. So think carefully when planning to give these gifts:

Bonsai tree

The bonsai tree is often considered a lucky tree, symbolizing success, achievement, and advancement. The bonsai tree is also a symbol for the end of the year in Western culture. But the bonsai tree is toxic. The resin of the bonsai tree can cause nausea when swallowed or eaten. But according to feng shui, giving a toxic bonsai tree symbolizes poisoning. Therefore, it does not bring good luck to the homeowner or the giver. So you should think carefully when giving this type of tree. Similarly, there are other toxic plants such as tulips, dragon bones, corn, ray plants, peach bamboo… that also have toxins in them, so be cautious.

Lucky fortune cat

The lucky fortune cat originates from Japan but has become a familiar feng shui item in many countries, including Vietnam. The Lucky Fortune Cat is believed to bring good luck, attract wealth, and bring in money for the homeowner. Therefore, many people think of giving a Lucky Fortune Cat to friends and customers on the day of their grand opening with wishes of prosperity and abundant wealth. But according to folklore, giving a Lucky Fortune Cat is equivalent to giving away your own wealth and making it easy for others to take away your wealth and prosperity, and your wealth will be scattered for a long time. This may not immediately affect your emotions. But in the long run, it will erode the relationship because in reality, when there are ups and downs, differences in financial positions, and fortune, it will be difficult to harmonize and have the same frequency to interact with each other. Therefore, it is best to avoid turning friends into enemies.


A wallet is also a gift that many people choose to wish the recipient the business to prosper. But a wallet is a feng shui item of polarity. Giving a wallet improperly can affect your own wealth and the recipient’s. Giving a wallet is like giving away your own fortune. The wallet is where your fortune resides, so giving a wallet can deplete your earning ability and financial stability. It is best to be cautious when giving a wallet to avoid affecting the financial situation, unless the couple has the same direction, the couple may have two but one mind, so giving him a wallet or implying giving him a “treasure trove” is not a problem. But when giving to friends, you should reconsider.


A watch is both a feng shui item and a beautiful piece of jewelry. So a watch is also a gift that many people want to choose. However, giving a watch means giving your time and giving away your fortune. Moreover, in Chinese phonetics, a watch is pronounced similarly to the phrase “going to a funeral,” so it is taboo to give a watch as it will bring inauspiciousness to the relationship between the two parties.


Shoes are also gifts that many people think symbolize cherishing and supporting each step. However, according to feng shui, giving shoes is not good. In the Chinese character, “shoes” sounds like a sigh, so it does not have a lucky meaning. Shoes are also items that can bring about disagreements, so after using them, they can have an impact on the relationship between the two parties. Therefore, shoes should not be given as gifts.

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