“4 Steps to Easily Get Rid of Mouse Glue on Floor and Clothing”

Have you ever accidentally gotten mouse glue stuck on your clothing or floors? Removing it can be difficult. This article will provide 3 tips on how to effectively remove mouse glue from your floor and clothing. Keep reading to learn more!


1. Use Vegetable Oil

To remove mouse glue with vegetable oil, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Vegetable oil
  • Paper towel
  • Clean cloth
  • Spoon

vegetable oil

Step 1: Apply vegetable oil evenly to the paper towel.

Step 2: Cover the glued surface with the oiled paper towel and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. The vegetable oil will soften the glue.

Step 3: Use a clean cloth to rub the glued surface and blur the glue. Depending on the surface, you can also use a fingernail or spatula to remove the glue.

Step 4: Repeat these steps until the mouse glue is completely removed.

2. Use Vinegar

If the surface is not suitable for using vegetable oil or if the glue is more difficult to clean, vinegar can be used as an alternative.

Materials needed:

  • Vinegar
  • Clean cloth

vinegar and clean cloth

Step 1: Soak the cloth with vinegar.

Step 2: Place the vinegar-soaked cloth on the glued surface for a few minutes to soften the glue.

Step 3: Use a cloth to gently rub the adhesive surface and remove the glue.

Step 4: Repeat these steps until the mouse glue layer is completely removed.

Step 5: After cleaning, wash the surface with clean water and dry.

3. Use Floor Cleaner

Floor cleaner, containing organic components, can effectively remove mouse glue from the floor.

Materials needed:

  • Floor cleaner
  • Towel or mop

floor cleaner

Step 1: Spray floor cleaner directly on the adhesive surface and let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes.

Step 2: Use a towel or mop to scrub the glue firmly.

Step 3: Use a clean cloth to wipe away the glue stains.

4. Use an Ice Pack

If the glue stain is on a flat surface, an ice pack can be used to remove it. You will need an ice pack and a sharp object such as a butter knife or spoon.

Step 1: Place the ice pack on the adhesive surface to harden the glue.

Step 2: Gently scrape away the hardened glue using a butter knife or spoon. Be careful not to damage the surface.

5. Notes when Dealing with Sticky Mouse Glue

– For furniture or items made from leather, do not use vegetable oil to remove mouse glue. Instead, use specialized leather cleaning and conditioning products.

use specialized skin cleaning products

– Do not use cooking oil on wooden floors unless it is specifically meant for the floor. Cooking oil can make wooden floors slippery, posing a safety hazard.

Above are effective ways to remove mouse glue from floors and clothes. Hopefully, these methods will help you tackle mouse glue stains easily and efficiently.

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