5 Items That Seemed Convenient at First, But Proved to be a Waste of Money

Have you ever been told to not waste your money on a stainless steel cutting board or a silicone toilet brush? Let's dive into why these might not be the best investments!


Surely you have experienced the feeling of buying an item and then discovering that its usefulness is not as great as advertised. Let’s go through 5 seemingly convenient items but only waste money after buying through the article below!

1. Silicone toilet brush

Silicone toilet brush can clean short-term stains

Silicone toilet brushes have an attractive design, but they disappoint many buyers because they don’t live up to the promises they’ve heard.

This brush not only fails to clean long-term stains but also has a quite loose and slippery structure, causing the cleaning liquid to spill out when poured on the brush head, and even mold can grow on the brush after a long period of non-use.

However, silicone toilet brushes can still partially clean short-term stains in some nooks and crannies in the toilet. You can also consider disposable silicone toilet brushes with a built-in cleaning solution that can be dissolved in water, helping you save time and the amount of cleaning solution needed.

2. Stainless steel cutting board

Stainless steel cutting board is easily scratched and aesthetically unappealing

The next item on today’s list is the stainless steel cutting board. This is the most disappointing product for most buyers when it comes to items that are a waste of money.

The reason is that when using a stainless steel cutting board to chop or slice, it produces a loud and unpleasant sound. In addition, the surface of the board is easily scratched, causing it to lose its aesthetic appeal, and the board is also very slippery, which can damage your knives.

3. Cheap garlic press

Cheap garlic press cannot crush garlic

You will often come across some advertisements for cheap garlic presses. However, don’t be quick to buy because of the low price and the astonishing ability to crush garlic as advertised.

According to shared experiences from “those who have experienced it,” continuously pulling the string does not crush the garlic as the sellers have advertised. Furthermore, the pull cord of the machine can cause you or young children to accidentally scratch themselves while someone is using this type of garlic press.

The best option is to buy a garlic press from reputable brands such as Lock&Lock or Tupperware, or battery-powered presses with a safety lock to ensure safety during use.

4. Manual fruit juicer

Manual fruit juicer can only juice soft fruits

Recently, many people have chosen to buy manual fruit juicers because of their affordable price and energy-saving capabilities. However, these juicers are often abandoned by the majority of users later.

The reason is that the machine spins fast but doesn’t extract much juice, only juices soft fruits like bananas, strawberries, oranges, etc. For hard fruits like apples, pears, watermelons, etc., the machine is powerless.

5. Mini bag sealer

Mini bag sealer

The last item on today’s list is the mini bag sealer. This product received a large number of orders on e-commerce platforms in the past.

The mini bag sealer disappoints many buyers because its function does not match the advertisement. After using the sealer to seal a bag, the bag remains open as usual, with no sign of being sealed even a little.

Therefore, to avoid wasting money, you should use an iron or a hair straightener to seal bags when needed because the key factor for successful bag sealing is a stable temperature.

Above are the information about 5 seemingly convenient items but only waste money that we have gathered. We hope this information is useful to you. If you know of any other items that are a waste of money, do not hesitate to leave a comment below the article!

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