How to Use Quick Wash Mode and When to Choose It

Uncover the convenience of modern washing machines with a built-in quick wash mode! Let's explore the features of this time-saving laundry tool.


Currently, the washing machine is a common device found in many households that helps optimize and streamline the laundry process. To meet the demand for faster washing, many types of washing machines now come equipped with a quick wash mode. In this article, we will explore what this mode is and its benefits and drawbacks.

1What is the quick wash mode?

What is quick wash mode?
What is quick wash mode?

Quick wash mode is a feature that reduces the duration and increases the speed of the washing process. With this mode, less water and energy are used compared to normal washing, making it suitable for lightly soiled clothes.

Most washing machine brands currently available on the market are equipped with a quick wash mode. However, each brand may refer to it by a different name:

  • Panasonic brand – 15-minute quick wash: Suitable for lightly soiled, dusty, and new clothes.
  • Samsung brand – 15-minute quick wash: Suitable for light clothes weighing less than 2kg and lightly soiled.
  • Toshiba brand – 12-minute quick wash: Suitable for thin, light, lightly soiled clothes. For around 2kg of clothes, the washing time will be 12 minutes.
  • LG brand (Quick 30 or Speed 14): Suitable for small, lightly soiled clothes.
  • Electrolux brand (Quick 18): Suitable for washing synthetic, blended, and brightly colored clothes. It is recommended to use water at a temperature of 30 degrees C in this brand’s quick wash mode.

2Is quick wash mode effective in cleaning?

Advantages of quick wash mode
Advantages of quick wash mode

  • Time-saving: The quick wash mode significantly reduces the laundry time, allowing you to save time while still ensuring clean clothes that can be worn immediately if you are in a hurry.
  • Suitable for new clothes, light dirt, or small quantities: Quick wash mode may not clean clothes as thoroughly as the normal washing mode, but it still effectively cleans clothes and protects the fabric fibers from damage.
  • Energy-saving: Due to the reduced washing time, quick wash mode helps conserve water and electricity compared to normal washing.
  • Extended lifespan of the washing machine: The shorter washing time in quick wash mode reduces the strain on the machine, preventing excessive usage and overheating. This ultimately extends the lifespan of the washing machine.
  • Better clothes protection: Quick wash mode employs a less vigorous spinning process and reduces direct contact with the detergent, resulting in better clothes protection compared to normal washing.

Disadvantages of quick wash mode
Disadvantages of quick wash mode

  • Cannot handle stubborn stains and odorous items: Quick wash mode’s shorter duration and less vigorous action may not effectively eliminate stubborn stains and odors. Additionally, quick wash mode does not utilize steam or hot water to eliminate bacteria clinging to clothes.
  • Cannot wash large amounts of clothes: Quick wash mode is designed for small loads, typically around 2kg, as it uses less water and has a smaller capacity.
  • Spin may not be effective: Quick wash mode’s drying process may not completely dry the clothes. For fully dried clothes, a separate spin cycle should be selected.
  • Soap residue: Quick wash mode typically requires about 20g or 20ml of detergent per wash. Using an excess amount may lead to detergent buildup and clogging in the washing machine, which can irritate sensitive skin.

3When should you use quick wash mode?

When should you use quick wash mode?
When should you use quick wash mode?

When deciding on the appropriate wash mode for your clothes, consider the quantity and type of clothes. Quick wash mode is suitable for lightly soiled clothes that only have dust and sweat, and when the quantity of clothes is less than 2kg. For heavily soiled clothes with odors or stubborn stains, it is best to use the standard washing cycle with hot water for more effective cleaning and bacteria elimination.

This article provides insights into the quick wash mode offered by current washing machines. We hope that it has provided you with useful information on this topic.

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