Introducing Some Popular Network E-Wallets and Exploring Their Uses

Recently, e-wallets have become a popular way for people to save time when making payments. But what exactly are e-wallets and what makes them so widely used?


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What Is a Network Wallet?

An electronic wallet, commonly referred to as a digital wallet, is an online account that enables individuals to conveniently make payments for various online transactions.

An e-wallet account is capable of securely storing all of a user’s personal information, and it also has the functionality to seamlessly link with a bank account, resulting in faster and more convenient transactions.

With the possession of a high-quality smartphone, access to a reliable wifi network, and an account, you can conveniently and expeditiously carry out transactions from any location.

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Exploring the Popularity of E-Wallets in Today’s World

E-wallets are becoming increasingly popular among individuals due to the numerous conveniences they offer. These digital payment systems have revolutionized the way people conduct transactions, making everyday tasks more efficient and hassle-free. Some of the key advantages of using e-wallets include:

  • Streamline your travel experience: Save time by easily transferring money to your loved ones, partners, and friends.
  • Experience the convenience and efficiency of purchasing goods and services online on modern electronic platforms. With our user-friendly interfaces, buying has never been faster and easier.
  • Conveniently pay your electricity and water bills.
  • Perform account balance queries to effectively monitor and manage fluctuations in your account.

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Popular E-Wallets: An Overview

In today’s fast-paced world, e-wallets have become increasingly popular due to their numerous advantages. As a result, there are now various options available for individuals to choose from, enabling them to select the e-wallet that best fits their needs.

New e-wallet App ‘Momo’ Launches

The Momo brand has gained immense popularity with its trendy wallet, becoming a popular choice for many individuals traveling in and out of the city.

  • In 2016, Goldman Sachs and Standard Chartered, two prominent multinational financial institutions, made a significant investment of $28 million in Momo. The purpose of this investment was to fund the development of the product.

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According to the announcement made by Momo, the funds in the Momo e-wallet are secured by Vietcombank, and this payment application is owned by M Serve Online Mobile Service Joint Stock Company.

Zalo Pay Takes the Lead in e-wallet Innovation

Zalo Pay, an esteemed mobile payment application developed by Zion Co., Ltd. under the VNG Group, stands as a popular choice in today’s market, rivaling even the renowned Momo e-wallet brand. Offering a seamless payment experience, Zalo Pay enables users to conveniently carry out transactions on the go, even during festive periods like the New Year holidays.

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Additionally, our wallet offers a unique benefit of being able to make purchases and payments at Dien May XANH with an exclusive discount of up to 50% off the total order amount. It’s important to note that this special offer is only applicable for the initial purchase, with a maximum discount limit of 250,000 VND.

Launching of Vimo e-wallet in India

Vimo e-wallet is a collaborative effort between Vimo Technology Joint Stock Company and Mobifone. It enables users to conveniently withdraw, top up, and transfer funds. Moreover, Vimo has established partnerships with over 24 different banks, making it a widely utilized e-wallet in the market.

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VTC Launches Electronic Payment Wallet

VTC Multimedia Corporation initiated the launch of VTC pay e-wallet in 2010. Presently, this wallet is licensed and managed by the State Bank of Vietnam. With connectivity to 33 banks and 3 international card organizations, VTC pay e-wallet offers users the convenience of swiftly conducting online transactions, both domestically and internationally, as well as within locations featuring automated vending machines.

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Introducing VnMart: A New Way to Pay with an e-Wallet

Launched in 2008, VnMart e-wallet is a sophisticated product developed and owned by Vietnam Payment Solution Joint Stock Company. With a firm foothold in the market, e-wallets are categorized into two types:

  • VnMart e-wallet is a business-centric tool designed to streamline and expedite sales management processes. With our user-friendly and efficient platform, businesses can easily keep track of their sales, enabling them to maximize productivity and performance. Experience the convenience and power of VnMart e-wallet and revolutionize your business operations today.
  • Introducing VnMart e-wallet: A Convenient Solution for Individuals to Purchase Goods, Services, and Make Online Payments

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Introducing 123pay: The Latest E-Wallet

Zion Joint Stock Company under Vinagame Group offers a convenient and efficient solution for fast transactions and payments. Our wallet provides a seamless experience by offering multiple payment options, such as Visa card, ATM card, MasterCard, JCB, and Internet Banking.

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Launches of AirPay’s New e-wallet App

Launched in October 2017, AirPay e-wallet is a collaboration between Tien Phong Bank (TPBank) and Vietnam E-Sports Development Joint Stock Company (Vietnam Esport – VED).

The current wallet type offers convenient links to various food and entertainment services such as Delivernow, Vntrip, and more. Additionally, it provides payment solutions for essential utilities such as electricity, water, and phone recharge cards.

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VCBPay e-wallet Launches in Vietnam

This is a new type of e-wallet offered by Vietcombank. It provides various functions including money transfers, phone recharges, movie ticket purchases, and QRCode scanning for shopping payments.

However, the VCBPay e-wallet lacks certain features found in other e-wallets, such as free money transfers and water bill payments.

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Introducing EDong – The Modern E-Wallet Solution

Dong A Bank and Electricity and Telecommunications Payment Solution Joint Stock Company (ECPAY) collaborated in 2012 to introduce an electronic wallet known as ECPAY.

Our platform offers the convenience and reliability of an online wallet. Users can seamlessly transfer funds between wallets, making transactions quick and effortless. Additionally, our service enables users to conveniently pay their nationwide electricity and water bills, eliminating the hassle of traditional payment methods. Experience the ease and efficiency of managing your finances with our online wallet solution.

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Introducing Mobivi: the e-Wallet Solution

This web page presents an electronic wallet provided by Viet Phu Payment Service Support Joint Stock Company (MobiVi), which can be linked with various partners like Vietnam International Commercial Joint Stock Bank (VIB) and Techcombank.

Customers can register to use our e-wallet through our partnering banks that have integrated our product. We have collaborated with Viet Phu company to offer this service.

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E-wallets have become indispensable in modern society as they offer unparalleled convenience for making payments for goods and services. Are you familiar with the concept of e-wallets? Let’s explore some of the most popular types in use today!