The Best Trick to Wash Dark-Colored Clothes Without Fading – Watch Now (Video)

Tired of seeing your favorite dark-colored clothes fade with each laundry cycle? Follow these easy tips for keeping your dark clothing vibrant and looking like new!


1 Limit washing dark clothes multiple times

To minimize color fading, it is recommended to limit washing dark clothes after only 2 uses. Additionally, avoid soaking the clothes for too long as it can accelerate color fading.

Limit washing dark clothes

2 Sort clothes by color

It is important to sort clothes by color before putting them in the washing machine. Light-colored clothes have a tendency to absorb the color of dark clothes.

Sort clothes

Sort clothes before putting them into the washing machine

3 Turn clothes inside out when washing

To prevent strong friction on the fabric surface and minimize color fading, it is recommended to turn the clothes inside out. Additionally, buttoning and zipping up the clothes will reduce wear and tear during washing in the machine.

Turn clothes inside out before washing

4 Wash with cold water

When washing dark clothes, it is advisable to use a low temperature washing mode. Hot water can loosen the fabric and lead to color and dye fading.

Do not wash dark clothes at high temperatures

Do not wash dark clothes at high temperatures

5 Keep the washing time as short as possible

Along with adjusting the washing temperature, it is recommended to keep the washing time as short as possible to prevent prolonged contact with water, which can cause color fading.

quick wash mode

6 Use specialized detergents

It is recommended to use specialized detergents and agents designed for washing dark clothes. Liquid chemicals are generally better than powders for this purpose.

specialized chemicals for dark clothes

7 Use a dryer instead of drying in the sun

To prevent quick fading of dark clothes, it is recommended to use a dryer instead of drying them in direct sunlight.

clothes dryer

The dryer will help clothes fade less than sun drying

8 Add vinegar or salt in the final rinse

In addition to using detergent, adding a small amount of vinegar or salt to the washing machine during the rinsing stage can help soften the fabric and retain color. Salt can also help restore the original color of the clothes quickly.

washing dark clothes with salt

If your clothes fade, you can use coffee and tea as natural dyes. Simply put them in the washing machine during the final rinse to enhance the overall color of your clothes.

Above are tips to help you successfully wash dark clothes without fading. Good luck!