Tips for Caring for Kumquats After Tet to Ensure Successful Planting the Following Year

Tet's come and gone, but the ornamental kumquat trees can still have a productive future! Our article will provide simple tips and tricks for how to care for your kumquats after the holiday so they can remain fruitful for years to come.


How to Take Care of Kumquats During Tet

In order for your pot of kumquats to look beautiful, stay fresh for a long period, produce a lot of fruit buds, and have a strong enough tree to be replanted, it is important to take good care of your kumquat tree.

Taking care of kumquats on Tet holiday

Use a small pump with a capacity of 0.5 – 1.5 liters per day to spray or use your hands to sprinkle clean water on the foliage 1-2 times a day. This will provide enough moisture for the kumquat roots and ensure that the leaves stay fresh and fall a little later during the Tet holiday.

How to Plant and Care for Kumquats After Tet

1. How to Grow

Use a super rooting product to wet the foliage and water the base of the tree. After 10 days of treatment, the kumquat roots will be activated and new roots will be formed. Pick 1/2 to 2/3 of the leaves on the tree using your hands, then plant and water them like normal kumquat trees.

How to grow

Kumquats are usually grown in garden soil mixed with sand and clay to ensure proper ventilation and moisture. The appropriate pH for kumquat growing soil is 5-6.

Planting holes should be fertilized with 1-2 kg of micro-organism fertilizer or 3-5 kg of rotting manure to provide adequate nutrients. The soil should be raised with a ditch around it. The bed should be 4-6m wide and the ditch should be about 20-30cm deep to prevent flooding, as kumquats may stop growing or even die in such conditions.

2. How to Take Care

After 5-7 days, dig around the root (30cm away from the root) to loosen the soil. Water or apply mineral fertilizer (0.5-1kg NPK (12:5:10) per root) 30cm away from the root to promote quick growth of branches and leaves. Irrigate or fertilize with additional water or rotting manure to enhance durability and reduce pests and diseases.

Kumquat care

Use micro-organic fertilizer PTS9 to fertilize the manure instead of using plain manure. This can be sprayed on the leaves (concentration of 5ml/15 liters of water for young leaves and 5ml/10 liters of water for older leaves) every 15-20 days. With this care, the kumquat leaves will become thick and green, the fruit will be big, fat, ripe, beautiful, and long-lasting, and the kumquat tree will be healthy and resistant to pests and diseases.

3. Creating Fortunes at the End of the Year

To have fruits in time for Tet, you need to rotate the kumquats in the middle of the 5th week of the solar calendar. Before turning the kumquats, make sure to water them enough and use iron or wood to compact the soil around the root (20-30cm away from the root). This will help the soil stick together and prevent cracking and breakage during digging and replanting.

Create a fruit for the tree

The size of the pot for replanting depends on the tree, the diameter of the canopy, and the desired pot size. Begin by digging up the soil 60-100cm away from the root, then dig a trench that is 40cm deep and 20cm wide. Trim the soil to match the desired potting diameter and cut off any roots that are too big to wrap around the pot. Use nylon rope to tie the small, soft roots through the base of the pot.

Above are some tips on how to take care of kumquats after Tet in a simple way at home, so you can continue enjoying them in the next year. Hopefully, these experiences will help you easily care for your kumquats and enjoy their fruits!