“How to Get Started With Printer Use: A Guide for Beginners”

Having a new printer can be overwhelming, especially when faced with unfamiliar function buttons and numerous user manuals. Thankfully, Dien May XANH has compiled a helpful guide outlining the 4 simple steps users should take in order to operate the printer safely, conveniently and prolong its lifespan. Read on for more information.


4 basic steps to use the printer

Follow these steps to connect the printer and ensure the correct connection procedures:

1 Steps to Use the Printer Correctly

Step 1: Install the Printer with the Server

Connect the printer to the server by plugging in the power cord and using the driver that comes with the printer. If the driver is lost, you can search for it on Google to reinstall it.

Connect the printer to the server

Step 2: Set Up Permission to Share the Printer

Go to Start >> Control Panel >> Printers and Devices or Printers and Faxes. Select the printer device, right-click, and select Sharing. Check the box “Share this Printer” and click Apply >> OK to share the printer.

Step 3: Connect the Computer to the Printer

Connect the printer to the local network by going to Control Panel >> Printers and Devices. Select the network for the shared printer to start using it.

Connect the printer to the computer

Step 4: Print the Document

After installation, you can start printing by opening the document file and pressing Ctrl + P. Select the parameters and click OK to print.

2 Basic Function Options on the Printer

Pay attention to the following basic optional functions when using the printer:

  • Copies: Number of optional prints
  • Printer Properties: Advanced options for printer printing
  • Print All Pages: Print all pages or the current page
  • Print One Sided: One-sided printing or integrated 2-sided printing
  • Collated: Close a set of documents or print each page
  • Portrait/Landscape Orientation: Select portrait or landscape print
  • A4/Letter: Choose the appropriate paper size
  • Margins: Select the alignment and optional alignment
  • Page Per Sheet: Option to print all pages of the document on one page

3 Important Notes During Use

Placement of the Machine

Place the printer on a flat surface and ensure neat cable placement. Keep the device in a well-ventilated area and out of reach of children.

Place the printer in a cool, flat location

Ink Pot

Do not leave the toner cartridge in the air for an extended period as it may dry out. Store laser printer ink bottles in a black plastic bag to protect them from light. If the printer is not used for a long time, remove the toner cartridge and store it in a sealed container.

Cleaning the Machine

Clean the printer at least once every three months to remove accumulated ink dust. Refer to the user manual or a professional printer maintenance company for specific cleaning methods.

Clean the printer

Do Not Turn Off Suddenly

For color inkjet printers, wait for the machine to cover the printhead before turning it off to prevent ink from drying out.

These are the basic steps for first-time printer users. Share this article to help more people use printers properly!