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How to Keep Food Fresh in Hot Weather Conditions

With the summer heat upon us, proper food preservation becomes increasingly important to safeguard against bacterial attacks that can lead to food poisoning or wasteful spending from having to throw away spoiled items.

Guidelines for Quickly Identifying Food that Should be Thrown Away

Knowing if food is fit for consumption can be a challenging task. While some approaches employed for this purpose may be straightforward, such as testing its edibility with a glass of water, correctly assessing a food item's freshness requires careful consideration.

Strategies for Quickly and Efficiently Utilizing Leftover Food After Tet

With Tet now behind us, housewives everywhere are facing the challenge of what to do with leftover food. It's a difficult decision - throwing it away is a waste, yet keeping it can lead to eating the same dishes day after day. But don't fret - it's time to take a trip to the kitchen and get creative with all of that leftover food!

6 Simple Strategies to Cut Your Monthly Shopping Expenses

Are you looking to save money when grocery shopping? Check out these 6 smart tips that can help you cut down on your expenses!

Preserve Meat Quality and Vegetable Freshness: 4 Tips for Cold Storage Separation

Prolonged freshness for your vegetables and meat can be achieved through proper storage techniques.

7 Ways to Enhance Your Refrigerator Usage

Are you looking for ways to make using your refrigerator easier and more efficient? Check out these 7 tips that will revolutionize the way you store food in and use your refrigerator.

Organizing Your Refrigerator With Science: 20 Tips

Are you tired of having to throw out spoiled food because your refrigerator isn't well organised? If so, we have some tips to help you out! Learn how to organise your refrigerator in a scientific and efficient way with 20 simple and easy-to-follow tips!

“4 Tips to Avoid Wasting Food at Home”

A recent survey conducted by Electrolux in the Asia-Pacific region has revealed an alarming statistic: a majority of households in Vietnam are discarding an average of 2 plates of food each week. The survey, conducted by the renowned home appliance brand, found that 87% of households are engaging in this needless waste.

Solutions for Restoring Stainless Steel Cookware Discoloration

Discoloration of Inox kitchen utensils, such as pots and pans, is a commonly experienced issue despite these items being revered for their strength and longevity.

Gaining Knowledge on Nutrition Facts to Make Nutritious Decisions Quickly

Are you guilty of skimming over the details on food labels without giving them much attention? In this article, we unpack the significance of carefully reading food labels and provide helpful tips to assist you in understanding the information found on food packaging.

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