July 15, 2024
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Is It Safe to Mix Family Laundry?

Laundry is a familiar chore, especially for homemakers. Today, let's join Bach Hoa Xanh in exploring whether doing laundry together for the whole family has any impact. Let's dive into this intriguing topic and unravel the potential implications of collective laundry practices on our clothing and household dynamics. With our expert advice and insightful tips, we'll guide you through the art of laundry, ensuring your family's wardrobe remains in pristine condition.

Did you know that at least half of users forget to close the washing...

The washing machine is a household electrical appliance. Despite being used regularly, do you know how to use it correctly?

Advice for Safeguarding Health During the Rainy Season

As the summer rainy season approaches, it is essential to take precautionary measures to ensure your wellness. From respiratory ailments to skin irritation and joint aches, here are some simple steps that can help you stay healthy and protected this season.

Avoid 6 Illnesses Associated with Eating Sea Crabs

Sea crab is an alluring seafood due to its savory and nutritious dishes. Yet, some may find the seafood's briny and fishy nuances off-putting. Notably, those who suffer from the following 6 diseases ought to be especially vigilant when consuming crab.

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