Avoid 6 Illnesses Associated with Eating Sea Crabs

Sea crab is an alluring seafood due to its savory and nutritious dishes. Yet, some may find the seafood's briny and fishy nuances off-putting. Notably, those who suffer from the following 6 diseases ought to be especially vigilant when consuming crab.


Consuming sea crab meat without caution can exacerbate your condition and potentially pose life-threatening risks. It is advised to refrain from consuming crab meat if you suffer from conditions such as colds, cough with phlegm, weak intestines, or high blood pressure.

Homeopathy Successfully Treats Skin Diseases

Sea crabs causing skin irritation for people with the disease
Sea crabs causing skin irritation for people with the disease

It is advised that individuals with skin disorders refrain from consuming seafood, as it could result in severe skin irritation and exacerbate the existing condition. Consequently, individuals suffering from atopic dermatitis, sores, or urticaria are strongly advised to avoid this particular dish.

No Signs of Spleen or Stomach Weakness

Eating a large quantity of crabs can lead to abdominal pain and diarrhea due to their firm texture. Consequently, individuals with weak or sensitive digestive systems are advised to limit their consumption of crabs.

Exploring the Treatment of Digestive Disorders

People with digestive diseases should limit eating crabs
People with digestive diseases should limit eating crabs

There are certain diseases that are highly resistant to crab meat consumption, and medical professionals strongly advise against eating sea crabs if you have conditions such as gallstone disease, cholecystitis, chronic gastritis, duodenal ulcer, or hepatitis.

Navigating Cold and Flu Season: Tips for Managing Common Ailments

Eating crab meat during a cough or cold can exacerbate the symptoms and prolong the illness. It is advisable to avoid consuming this dish in order to recover quickly from the ailment.

Insufficient Yang Qi Causing Loose Bowel Movements

The solderability of crab meat has a negative effect on absorption
The solderability of crab meat has a negative effect on absorption

Consuming a large quantity of crabs, due to their salty nature, can lead to the accumulation of cold in the body, which can compromise the yang qi of the stomach. This can have a negative impact on the absorption and digestion of the stomach and intestines, exacerbating loose stools.

Link between Hyperlipidemia and High Blood Pressure Revealed

Crab meat contains a significant amount of cholesterol
Crab meat contains a significant amount of cholesterol

Individuals with hyperlipidemia and hypertension should limit their consumption of crab due to its high cholesterol content. Consuming excessive amounts of crab bricks and crab meat can negatively affect blood lipid levels and blood pressure.

Please take note that there are some important considerations for those who do not fall into the aforementioned categories when consuming sea crabs. Firstly, it is advised not to consume dead sea crabs as they may contain harmful toxins. Additionally, cooked crabs should not be stored for prolonged periods, as this increases the risk of bacterial contamination. In the event of leftovers, proper preservation is crucial. Furthermore, raw crabs should be avoided, as they are susceptible to the presence of lung leeches which can be extremely hazardous. Finally, it is recommended to avoid pairing crabs with persimmons or marjoram.

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