10 Effective Strategies for Staying Safe When Being Followed

If you feel like you're being followed, do not panic - take action. Get closer to a group of people to make it appear as though you're not alone. This will discourage the person following you and hopefully make them go away.


Many individuals have encountered situations in which they feel they are being followed. Sometimes this feeling arises from anxiety and fear, but in certain cases, it is indeed true. Therefore, it is vital to possess the necessary skills and take appropriate actions to ensure our safety.

The following are some recommendations:

1. Seek out an ATM or a store if followed at night

When being pursued by a thief at night, go to an ATM where there are cameras and security guards. This reduces the likelihood of being attacked. If there is no nearby ATM, head to the nearest store and explain the situation to the staff.

2. Always carry a pocket alarm

Whenever walking alone, it is advisable to carry a pocket alarm to attract the attention of passersby who can assist you if needed. A pocket alarm is a valuable tool, especially during solo travels.

3. Play a pre-recorded message from a male figure before opening the door to strangers

If you live alone, this trick can be quite useful. Request a voice message recording from your father or boyfriend. Whenever there is a delivery or appointment at the door, play the recorded message. This gives strangers the impression that someone is present with you at home.

4. Ensure you are walking with a group

If you are being followed, move closer to a group of people. This will make the person trailing you believe you have company.

5. Always keep a pair of men’s shoes outside your house

Place a pair of men’s shoes or boots outside your house. Strangers or the person following you will assume you live with a man, reducing the likelihood of harm.

6. Carry hairspray

Never leave home without hairspray. In a worst-case scenario, if attacked, you can spray it into the assailant’s eyes and quickly escape.

7. Choose an elevator instead of stairs

Stairwells can be isolated areas and less secure. Whenever possible, use an elevator instead of stairs. In an elevator, press all floors to ensure you can exit in case of an emergency.

8. Prepare an emergency bag for quick departure if needed

Prepare a bag with essential items in case of an emergency or the need to relocate to a safer area. Include a toothbrush, important documents, identification, clothes, and a few pairs of shoes.

9. Leave a loud alarm toy and a tin can outside your door

Adding an extra layer of protection is always wise. Place a tin can and a noisy toy near entrances and windows. This will alert you when someone attempts to open your door. Additionally, regularly change locks and passwords for added security.
10. Utilize your office address for mail instead of your home address

Instead of using your home address, ensure that mail and packages are sent to your office address. This reduces the attention drawn to your home address. 

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