11 Daily Habits to Keep You from Attaining Wealth

By making a few changes to your lifestyle, you can start your path towards financial freedom. Here are 11 habits you should abandon or avoid to start your journey to wealth-building.


After five years of extensive research on the habits of the wealthy and the poor, author Thomas C. Corley has drawn insightful conclusions about the “rich habits” that are common among individuals with high incomes and substantial assets, and the “poor habits” that are common among individuals with low incomes and minimal assets.

Corley emphasizes the significant role that daily habits play in a person’s success in life. Below, we highlight 11 “poor habits” that should be avoided if one wants to achieve success and accumulate wealth.

1. Gambling

Corley dispels the myth of quick riches, explaining that financial success requires time, effort, and unwavering persistence. In his study, he found that 52% of the poor had at least one gambling addiction, and 77% played the lottery every week. In contrast, 84% of the wealthy did not gamble, and 94% did not play the lottery.

2. Unhealthy eating

Corley highlights the detrimental effects of poor eating habits on one’s health. His study revealed that 97% of the poor consume over 300 calories from junk food daily, with 69% eating fast food more than three times a week. Additionally, 66% of the poor were overweight.

3. Excessive alcohol consumption

Corley found that 54% of the poor in his study drink more than two glasses of wine, beer, or liquor each day. In contrast, 84% of the millionaires he surveyed drink less than one glass per day. Excessive alcohol consumption affects cognitive function and impairs clear thinking.

4. Associating with the wrong people

According to Corley, 86% of the wealthy associate with individuals who are driven to succeed. He emphasizes that successful individuals actively surround themselves with other successful people. In contrast, only 4% of the poor associate with successful individuals.

5. Excessive TV watching

Corley notes that 77% of the poor in his study watch more than one hour of TV daily, while 67% of the millionaires he surveyed watch less than one hour per day. Productive use of time is inversely correlated with wealth accumulation.

6. Negative thinking

Corley underscores the importance of positive thinking for long-term success. He emphasizes that positivity is a key factor in achieving lasting success.

7. Procrastination

Corley highlights the significance of choosing long-term success over short-term gratification. He emphasizes that the wealthy are characterized by their determination and aversion to procrastination. He also references author Napoleon Hill, who emphasized the importance of being resolute in achieving success.

8. Avoidance of feedback

Corley stresses the importance of seeking both positive and negative feedback to facilitate personal growth and improvement. He emphasizes that constructive criticism is essential in making better decisions and advancing in one’s endeavors.

9. Overspending

Corley points out that setting financial goals higher than one’s savings inevitably leads to financial instability. In his study, he found that 95% of the poor do not save money and live paycheck-to-paycheck, thus lacking the funds to invest in retirement, education, or entrepreneurial pursuits.

10. Staying in a job one dislikes

Corley affirms that remaining in a job that brings dissatisfaction only contributes to overall unhappiness and impedes the chances of achieving wealth. He emphasizes that successful individuals pursued their passions and found fulfillment in their chosen careers.

11. Fear of leaving the comfort zone

While many individuals seek safety and familiarity, the wealthy find comfort in embracing the uncertainty and challenges that come with stepping outside their comfort zones. Corley asserts that embracing risk is a necessary step in the journey to wealth, noting that few individuals are willing to take this leap.

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