4 Efficient Ways to Ensure Your Flowers Last Longer

Looking for ways to make your flowers last longer? Try out these tips for keeping your bouquet vibrant and fresh.


Storage and Proper Preservation of Flowers

When it comes to maintaining the freshness of your flowers, proper handling is essential. Rather than carrying them by hand, which can shorten their lifespan, it is recommended to use a basket to hold them. During transportation, it is advised to wrap the stems in a damp cloth to keep them hydrated.

Cutting Flowers

While using scissors may seem like a good idea for cutting the stems of certain flower types, it can actually reduce the lifespan of the flowers by compressing the stems. It is best to use a sharp knife for cutting flowers.

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Diagonal Cutting

While cutting flowers at an angle is recommended for some types of flowers, it may not be suitable for all. Soft-stemmed flowers like tulips should be cut straight, while flowers with hard or woody stems should be cut at a diagonal of 3-5cm.

Using Boiling Water

For flowers with hard or woody stems, it is beneficial to immerse the freshly cut ends in boiling water for about 30-40 seconds. This helps seal the cut surface and prevents the development of bacteria, thereby prolonging the freshness of the flowers.

Proper Water Intake

To ensure the longevity of your flowers, it is recommended to fill the vase with non-chlorinated water, preferably rainwater. Acidifying the water by adding a teaspoon of lemon juice is also advised. Special food packets provided in bouquets are not necessary if lemon juice or a small amount of vitamin C powder is added. Additionally, a small amount of aspirin or vodka can be added to the water to maintain freshness.

Location of the Vase

The placement of your flower vase can significantly impact the lifespan of the flowers. It is important to keep them in a bright room, while avoiding direct sunlight from windows. Placing them near heaters, drafty areas, direct sunlight, TVs, or fruit bowls should also be avoided. Fruits release ethylene gas, which can cause flowers to wilt faster.

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Flower Care

Once you have created the ideal environment for your flowers, it is crucial to provide proper care. Rinse the flower vase daily to prevent the growth of bacteria. Use clean rainwater and add a teaspoon of lemon juice or vitamin C powder. Lightly trim the stems and remove any wilting flowers and leaves, while monitoring the water level daily to ensure sufficient hydration of the flowers.

Source: VOV

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