4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Vacuum Cleaner

Please refer to the following information to determine if your household vacuum cleaner needs to be replaced.


Similar to other types of machines, vacuum cleaners also have a certain lifespan. Depending on the brand, their lifespan can be long or short, averaging from 4 to 6 years.

But in general, before they no longer function, vacuum cleaners will have a few signs for users to recognize.

All these signs are listed below. Now let’s find out together and check if your vacuum cleaner has these signs.

1. Vacuum cleaner no longer functions well

If your family’s vacuum cleaner no longer performs efficiently like it used to or takes too long to start, these are signs that it’s time to switch to a new one.

When a vacuum cleaner no longer functions efficiently, you will notice a significant decrease in its suction power. It will take you more time to clean a certain area in the house.

The reason for this could be that the internal components of the machine have worn out over time. This makes the suction power of the machine incomparable to when it was new.

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2. Frequently gets clogged

A vacuum cleaner getting clogged can be considered normal. But if the frequency is too high, it could also be a sign that it’s time to switch to a new vacuum cleaner.

During use, the remaining debris inside the filter can hinder the operation of the vacuum cleaner. This also causes damage to the machine.

Although you can replace this part of the machine, if this continues to happen, switching to a new vacuum cleaner will save you more.

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3. Vacuum cleaner makes strange noises

Most vacuum cleaners make noise when they operate, the volume varies depending on the machine, but it will not be too noisy. However, if your vacuum cleaner makes loud noises or emits a burning smell when it’s running, it’s best to get rid of it and buy a new one for your family.

Unusual noise indicates that the vacuum cleaner is having motor issues. In addition, if the machine emits a burning smell when it’s running, it can potentially cause dangerous sparks for users.

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4. Vacuum cleaner is outdated

The rapid development of technology has brought us many vacuum cleaner models with advanced functions, making house cleaning easier. At this point, older generation vacuum cleaners will clearly show their lack of efficiency.

Moreover, over time, it becomes more difficult for you to find replacements for any parts of the machine because there is a lack of supply. Even if you manage to find replacement parts, they are often expensive.

All these are reasons for you to consider upgrading to a modern and more efficient vacuum cleaner for your family.

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