7 Essential Feng Shui Tips You Should Know

Do you want to bring luck and fortune to your home? Here are some simple tips to help you achieve it!


Apply these simple tips to attract good luck and fortune into your home:

1. Avoid keeping dead plants in the house

Feng shui experts advise displaying plants in the house to allow the flow of energy. However, if you are unable to take care of them, it is better not to have plants in the house. Withered or dead plants will bring negative energy into your home.

2. Maintain a tidy house for better feng shui

The tidier your house, the better the feng shui. That is why people often clean and organize their houses and stores before the new year to welcome positive energy and good fortune. This is the most basic feng shui principle.

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Moreover, throughout the year, it is important to keep the living space tidy to maintain a prosperous and positive energy in the house.

3. Ensure good energy flow at the main entrance

The main entrance is the mouth of energy. It is crucial to create a path that invites positive energy into the house and avoid any obstacles. Always keep the space at or outside the main entrance tidy by removing any boxes, old pots, shoes, or any other objects.

4. Always close the toilet lid when not in use

Not only for hygienic purposes, closing the toilet lid symbolizes the retention of good energy or wealth within your home according to traditional feng shui beliefs.

5. Repair damaged items

Promptly repair all lighting equipment, leaking water systems, and any other damaged items. If they cannot be repaired, it is essential to replace them to prevent negative energy in the living space.

6. Determine the wealth area

Locate the wealth area in your home, which is the place that attracts money. Take special care of this location and decorate it with symbols of wealth, such as feng shui items that symbolize wealth like a three-legged toad, citrine, gold coins, or a laughing Buddha.

7. Hang paintings of rivers and water

Water symbolizes money and wealth. Hanging a painting of a waterfall in the living room is considered good feng shui as it attracts wealth into the house. However, be mindful of the direction the water flows in the painting. It should flow into the house, rather than out, to avoid symbolizing money loss.

These are 7 useful feng shui tips that can help you attract abundant money.

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