7 Quick and Effective Ways to Prevent Dampness

(VOH) - The Northern region is currently experiencing an extremely uncomfortable and humid rainy season, but there are ways to help keep your home dry and odor-free.


Clothes drying for a week without drying, the floor is always wet, foggy windows, musty smell, mold appearing everywhere… are the specialties of the humid season in the North. To minimize the discomfort and inconvenience in daily life as well as protect your health, you can try applying the effective methods of preventing humidity listed below.

1. Always close the door

7 effective and quick ways to prevent humidity 1

One of the most effective and simplest ways to prevent humidity is to always close the main door and windows. The reason is that the high-humidity winds blowing in will make our house more humid instead of becoming airy and drying quickly. You should also not close the door and then turn on the fan because the cold air from the fan can make the water vapor condense stronger, resulting in larger droplets, making the house even wetter.

2. Use air conditioning in dry mode

7 effective and quick ways to prevent humidity 2

Humidity absorption and air circulation in the room, in the house is the function of the dry mode on the air conditioner. You can take advantage of this device to effectively prevent uncomfortable humidity on rainy and humid days. However, remember to set the appropriate temperature to avoid affecting your health.

3. Use a dehumidifier

7 effective and quick ways to prevent humidity 3

A dehumidifier is also considered as an effective solution to prevent humidity in your home. In addition to returning dry air to the living space, this device also helps limit the occurrence of mold, damage to electronic devices due to excessive humidity, or protect the health of users.

4. Limit laundry

7 effective and quick ways to prevent humidity 4

Never-drying clothes with a musty smell is the most annoying thing in the humid season. Therefore, if possible, you should limit laundry. If you have to do laundry, prioritize using a washing machine, pay attention to drying and use fabric softener to prevent odors. For larger families with young children… investing in a clothes dryer is also a worthy solution to consider.

5. Use essential oils, herbs

7 effective and quick ways to prevent humidity 5

Placing essential oils or burning essential oils, herbs will help make the living space more airy and have a more pleasant scent. Thanks to this simple tip, you not only prevent common odors and musty odors during the humid season but also contribute to enhancing positive energy, improving health, and preventing diseases.

6. Clean the house with a dry cloth

7 effective and quick ways to prevent humidity 6

High humidity in the air will make the floor, glass surfaces, or even walls constantly “sweat”. To minimize this situation, you should use a dry cloth to clean. Do not use wet cloth or wet cloth to clean the house because they cannot improve humidity but only make the floor more wet and slippery.

7. Place moisture-absorbing materials in the house

7 effective and quick ways to prevent humidity 7

The humid weather not only affects our life and health but can also make household items damp, damaged. To minimize this situation, we can place materials with good moisture-absorbing properties such as newspapers, moisture-absorbing bags/boxes, charcoal, lime… in low humidity areas such as corners of the house, kitchen, wardrobe…

Humid weather not only disrupts our lives but also affects our health. Therefore, applying effective methods to prevent humidity not only minimizes discomfort and inconvenience but also helps you protect your health as well as the people around you.

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