Adding a pinch of salt to your washing machine seems pointless, but in just 5 minutes, you’ll receive unexpected benefits that everyone should know.

Add a pinch of salt to your washing machine, and within 5 minutes, you'll experience incredible benefits. Everyone will be eager to learn this amazing trick because every household needs it.


When it comes to sea salt, everyone thinks of it as an essential seasoning in most kitchens around the world, enhancing the flavor of dishes. In addition, this mineral is used for many other purposes, such as making your washing machine shiny or restoring the non-stick coating of an old pan.

To make your washing machine look like new, you just need to follow these steps:


+ Sea salt

+ White vinegar

+ A brush


Pour some sea salt and a little white vinegar into the washing machine. Then, use a brush to scrub the entire interior. When finished, dry it off and you’ll see everything looks shinier. If it’s not as shiny as desired, you can repeat the whole process until your washing machine looks as good as new.

Furthermore, salt has many other uses that few people know about:

1. Remove stains on wooden furniture

Using a mixture of salt and olive oil, you can make your wooden furniture look like new. Put a little salt and a little oil on a piece of cloth, rub for a few minutes. Then wipe it with another damp cloth and dry the surface.

2. Clean and unclog pipes

If what you want is to unclog pipes quickly and effectively, then what you need to do is use salt and baking soda. Try to do this at night, when you’re no longer using the sink. Mix half a cup of salt and a cup of baking soda into boiling water, then pour the mixture down the drain. In the morning, pour hot water down and the problem will be solved.

3. Extend the life of a broom

Your broom wears out quickly because you haven’t learned this trick. When you buy a new broom, do this before using it for the first time. Prepare a saltwater solution in a bucket and soak the bristle part of the broom in it for a few minutes. This will extend the life of the broom.

4. Chill drinks quickly

On a hot day, when you want your favorite drink chilled. One solution to speed up the chilling process is to use water, ice, and salt. Put these three things in a container, place the drink bottle in it for 5 minutes and you’ll enjoy a cold drink.

5. Remove dust from artificial flowers

If your artificial flowers are covered in dust and you don’t have the time to wash them, you can use this simple method. Prepare two things – a plastic bag and coarse salt. Put the flowers in the bag, add a sufficient amount of salt and shake carefully. Most of the dust sticking to the flowers will be trapped by the salt.

6. Restore the non-stick coating of a pan

If you don’t want the food to stick to the pan and ruin the effect of the non-stick layer, it’s not too difficult. First, clean the pan with soap and water, then dry it. Next, sprinkle a sufficient amount of salt on the pan and set it on high heat. When the salt turns brown, it’s time to remove it. Your pan will look brand new.

7. Remove sweat stains

With just 1 spoonful of salt and regular laundry ingredients, you can refresh clothes stained with sweat. Simply dampen the fabric and sprinkle salt over the entire stain. Soak the clothes and leave them for 12 hours. Then rub the fabric to further enhance the salt’s absorption and wash as usual.

8. Treat muscle cramps

Professional athletes share their secret to quickly relieve muscle cramps during high-intensity exercise. When your body experiences cramps, they drink a little water with a diluted salt solution. It’s not always a solution, but it will help you if the cramps are caused by a change in diet or excessive sweating, which causes your body to lose the necessary amount of salt to function properly.

Source: Xe và Thể Thao