Buy Meat and Take this Extra Step to Ensure Toxic-free, 100% Clean Food

With my expertise in meat processing, you can rest assured that the meat you consume is free from growth hormones and harmful toxins. No more worries about the quality of your meat.


Attention when choosing meat

One of the tips for buying pork meat is to never say: “Give me 3 ounces of lean meat”, or “Give me 3 ounces of pork belly meat” but instead, observe carefully to choose clean pork meat as follows:

Absolutely do not buy meat if it has any of the following signs:

If it is pork meat that has been injected with water, the meat will be pale, flabby, with many sticky fibrous and more watery than normal meat. When you see this sign, you should not buy it, even for free.

Many people often like lean meat, but in reality, lean pork meat is often used with a tenderizer. So ladies, you should not buy pieces of meat that are surprisingly low in fat, thin, but when eaten, they’ll pose a health threat.

When going to the market, housewives should also avoid buying pieces of meat that are dark red in color, as it may be due to pigs having been injected with anesthesia before slaughter, so the blood accumulates in the cells, making it darker in color.

Safe meat handling secrets

Furthermore, when you choose to buy meat, use your hand to press the meat to create a dent. If you lift your hand and the meat returns to its normal shape, that indicates that it is good meat, ensuring quality.

Correctly handling meat

Pork meat is a common dish that can be prepared into many delicious dishes, so it is very popular. In addition, pork meat contains a lot of protein, but when you soak it in hot water, a large amount of protein will be lost. At the same time, when you put the meat in boiling water to blanch it, it will cause the meat to shrink, leading to more absorption of chemicals and dirt, making the meat more toxic. Therefore, the way to handle raw meat is to quickly rinse it with clean water or rinse the meat with a little salt dissolved in water.

How to remove toxins from meat

The most correct and effective way is: You soak the entire piece of meat you have bought in diluted salt water to remove dirt, it will also make the food more delicious.

In addition, you can also put the meat in a pot of cold water and cook it over the stove until it boils. During this process, if you see the water boiling with foam, you should remove it because it is the toxins in the meat that are excreted, which will be safe for your health when eaten.

If housewives seriously apply the above steps before cooking, they will certainly not have to worry too much about the safety of pork meat.

According to Khoevadep

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