Capturing Rare African Wildcats in the Southwest Region

Representatives from the Vinh Long Provincial Forest Protection Department, the Environmental Police Department of the province, and the Community College met on the afternoon of January 27 to jointly discuss the transfer of rare African wildcat specimens to the preservation area of the Phu Quoc Investment and Tourism Development Company in Kien Giang.


Tuesday, 27 January, representatives from the People’s Committee of Vinh Long province and the Environmental Police of the province’s Public Security had a working session with representatives from Community College Cong Dong to officially hand over a rare leopard cat to the conservation area of Phu Quoc Investment and Development JSC. (Kien Giang).

A leopard cat being carefully transported in a cage at the handover ceremony in Phu QuocA leopard cat being carefully transported in a cage at the handover ceremony in Phu Quoc
This is a place capable of breeding, nurturing, and conserving wild animals.
According to Mr. Nguyen Van Thong, Deputy Head of the People’s Committee of Community College, and Mr. Nguyen Van Day, Head of the school’s Information and Communications Department, they have been able to raise little chicks behind the school in an open area with ample sunlight. However, the chicks have been disappearing for several days. They suspect that mice have been eating them, so they have set up mouse traps. On the morning of January 19, during an inspection, they unexpectedly discovered a leopard cat trapped in the mouse trap. The cat was very aggressive and has a slim body, long legs, sharp teeth and claws, and fur similar to that of a baby leopard. This attracted many people who came to see it and express their desire to buy it.
After Mr. Day and some others took photos of the cat and posted them on Facebook, they received numerous calls from foreign countries. The Forest Protection Bureau in Hanoi also confirmed that this is a precious wild cat that belongs to a rare species and needs to be conserved.
Upon receiving this information, the school contacted the relevant provincial agencies to arrange for the handover of the leopard cat. They expressed their hope that it would contribute to the conservation efforts of the Phu Quoc Investment and Development JSC area.
Currently, the leopard cat is being well taken care of and is in good health. It consumes 2 to 3 chickens per day. On the morning of the 30th, the school will transport the leopard cat to Phu Quoc.

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