Finding the Perfect Kettle for Your Family: Boil Water Quickly and Safely

Choose a kettle with the appropriate capacity for your family.

There are numerous brands of fast-boiling kettles available on the market for you to select from. Some popular options include [Brand 1], [Brand 2], [Brand 3], and more. The prices of these kettles can range anywhere from 150,000 to 1,200,000 VND, giving you the flexibility to choose a kettle that best suits your needs and financial capabilities.

If your family consists of 2 or 3 members and has minimal hot water needs, it is advisable not to purchase a large kettle as it would result in wastage. There is a wide range of kettle capacities available for you to choose from, including smaller sizes starting from 0.8 liters and larger sizes up to 1.8 liters.

Choose a kettle that is equipped with an automatic power-off feature and safety features. These features will assist in preventing hazardous situations such as electric shocks, explosions, and burns.


+ Consider selecting a kettle with the ability to maintain boiled water at a desired temperature for extended durations, particularly if you have a baby who requires heated milk or your household frequently requires hot water throughout the day.


Maximizing the Benefits of an Energy-Efficient Electric Kettle at Home

Using the keep warm function will save more electricity

IMPORTANT: The kettle is specifically designed for boiling water. Please refrain from using it for any other purposes.

On the kettle, there is a water level scale. It is important to adjust the water level so that it is not lower than the minimum level and not higher than the maximum level.

Using the keep warm function will save more electricity


It is recommended to utilize the keep warm function of the kettle. This feature enables the kettle to maintain hot water at a specific temperature, making it readily available for immediate use or further heating. By doing so, you can save on power and reduce energy consumption compared to boiling a fresh pot of hot water.

After filling the kettle with water, it is important to remember to securely close the safety lock.

It is recommended to regularly clean the kettle to prevent the accumulation of sediment. Using a soft cloth, gently wipe the kettle to avoid any damage to its material.


Furthermore, we offer a wide range of high-quality products that you may find helpful:

Investing in a high-quality electric kettle can greatly enhance your daily routine, offering numerous benefits such as time efficiency, cost savings, and improved wellness for your loved ones. Don’t hesitate to secure one for your household today. We’d love to hear your experiences with fast boiling kettles – do you currently own one? Share your thoughts with us!

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