Deliciously Cooking an Old Duck: A Guide to Turning a Mishap into a Meal

Bring life back to old duck meat with these delicious and tender recipes.


Duck meat is a popular dish that is enjoyed by many people. It is a versatile type of food that can be prepared in various ways, including braised duck, ginger stewed duck, sour soup with duck, and delicious duck and bamboo shoot vermicelli. In fact, some people prefer duck meat over chicken because they find it sweeter and more tender.

When purchasing duck meat, many people worry about buying old meat, as it tends to be tough and less delicious compared to fresh meat. However, there are several ways to salvage and transform old duck meat into a flavorful and appetizing dish.

Lỡ mua phải vịt già cũng đừng bực tức, chế biến theo cách này vẫn thơm ngon như thường - Ảnh 1.

There are many ways to salvage old duck meat and create a dish that is as delicious and tender as usual. (Photo: Internet)

If you accidentally purchase old duck meat for making stews or boiled dishes, you can enhance the flavor by adding smoked meat. Although it may seem unconventional, smoked meat can enhance the taste of the dish made from old duck meat. For example, when stewing old duck meat, you can add a few slices of smoked meat to impart a savory flavor.

Old duck meat tends to be tough and challenging to tenderize. To soften it when boiling, you can use finely chopped pork bone marrow. This will help the meat become tender quickly and enhance the flavor of the broth. Additionally, you can also add a few pieces of sweet snails to further soften the old duck meat during the boiling process.

Alternatively, soaking old duck meat in a mixture of cold water and vinegar for 2 hours can also help tenderize the meat.

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